Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Look Around Town...

The temperature was a cool 61 degrees when I first realized the morning light was coming through the windows.  When I looked at the clock the was around 7:00.  Mark was up and out for his walk before I could get my eyes open, but I managed to catch up with him by 7:30.  It was warming up quite nicely by the time we headed back to the motor home.

After breakfast and showers, Mark decided he was going into town.  He was off to look for a repair service for the portable air compressor.  It quit working awhile back and he says it needs a new regulator.

I stayed here at the park to attend a line dancing class.  I have never done anything like that and it was so much fun.  There were only four of us, so it was like a private lesson.  I can't wait to go back tomorrow.

By the time my class was finished, Mark had returned.  He did find a place in Goshen and left the compressor for evaluation and repair.

We decided to have lunch here and then take a drive to the Elkhart Visitor Center.  We gathered a armload of good brochures and found lots of places to see and things to do.  Good thing we are going to be here a month.

We left with our goodies and decided to take a drive out in the country.  Just outside of Bristol, we came upon the

Elkhart, IN 027

Bonneyville Mill Park.  The mill and giftshop was closed, but we enjoyed walking around the park.  We

Elkhart, IN 004

smelled the beautiful flowers, walked

Elkhart, IN 022

across bridges, and

Elkhart, IN 025

even found a small little waterfall.  We decided this would be a great little park to come back to and bring a picnic lunch.

We then drove on down to Middlebury.  There we walked through a little

Elkhart, IN 029

garden that was made up of plants that were returned to the Middlebury area after the

Elkhart, IN 032

1934-35 Chicago World's Fair.  Over the years, it fell to disrepair, but was restored in 1995.

From Middlebury, we drove on around and through

Elkhart, IN 046

Shipshewana.  Tuesday and Wednesday are the market days.  It was too late in this afternoon to stop and shop.  This certainly needs a full day, so we decided this would be a good group activity for next week when the whole gang is here.

We did make a stop at the local

Elkhart, IN 048

farm stand.  I got a melon, some, tomatoes, and several ears of fresh corn.

From here, our drive took us down the back road that we  had to share

Elkhart, IN 052

with the local Amish families that live all through this area.

We really enjoyed just driving through the country and

Elkhart, IN 057

seeing all the farmlands in and around Shipshewana.

One more stop at a roadside stand for a fresh peach fried pie and we headed back to Elkhart and the campground.

After dinner, we met up with the Escapees Gang and took an evening stroll around the park.  We are now settled in for the evening, looking through that armload of brochures trying to figure out a plan for tomorrow.

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