Monday, August 9, 2010

A Day At The Vineyard

We were up by 6:00 this morning and ready to leave by 7:30.  The drive to Falmouth Harbor took a little more than 30 minutes plus the walk from the parking area to the

Cape Cod, MA 001

Island Queen ticket booth allowed us plenty of time for our 9:00 departure.

We purchased our round trip tickets for the

Cape Cod, MA 002

ferry that would take us

Cape Cod, MA 015

out on the ocean blue across the Vineyard Sound to

Cape Cod, MA 030

Oak Bluffs Harbor, Martha's Vineyard Island. what?  We did not take the 2 hour tour, as we wanted to be on our own.  So, we decided on the MVT public transportation.  We walked up the hill to the Steamship Authority Building and purchased our one day pass to ride the bus.  Then, it was across the street to

Cape Cod, MA 032

wait for the bus.  Once we were packed in like sardines, we were off.  After the bus driver made several stops along the beach area, we could take a deep breath and wait for our first destination...

Cape Cod, MA 035

Edgartown, which was the Island's first colonial settlement and has been the county seat since 1642.

While at the visitor center, we picked up a walking map and were off.  We passed

Cape Cod, MA 037

beautiful gardens,

Cape Cod, MA 044

old homes, and

Cape Cod, MA 050

harbor inns.

Just across the street from this inn was

Cape Cod, MA 052

The Edgartown Lighthouse which overlooks the Nantucket Sound.

We had a great visit with the lighthouse keeper.  We learned that the original lighthouse was built in 1828.  This one is the fourth lighthouse to serve the Edgartown Harbor.

We also learned that there are 15,000 residents that live year round at Martha's Vineyard.  The population grows to 150,000 during the summer season.

From the lighthouse looking across the harbor is

Cape Cod, MA 064

is the tiny little island of Chappaquiddick.  There is a ferry that goes to the island, but we chose not to take it.  Seems the folks that live there like their privacy.

Our walk from the lighthouse to Main Street took us by

Cape Cod, MA 070

these beautiful flowers.

We shopped in

Cape Cod, MA 074

several of the stores that lined the streets.  Then it was back to the visitor center where we boarded the bus for our next stop...

Cape Cod, MA 083

Vineyard Haven.  Here, is also the small town of Tisbury named after a parish in England and is the birthplace of the first Vineyard governor.  The English settlements in this area dates from the mid-1600's.

Again, we

Cape Cod, MA 087

walked the street and

Cape Cod, MA 085

shopped in several of the stores.

The afternoon was heating up, so we opted not to walk the 3 miles out to the lighthouse.  So, it was back on the bus and on to

Cape Cod, MA 089

Oak Bluffs.  We spent the rest of the afternoon here.  Again, walking and shopping, and deciding it was time to eat.  So, we decided on a late lunch/early dinner at

Cape Cod, MA 099

Nancy's Seafood Market and Restaurant.

Mark's choice was a turkey Ruben/coleslaw sandwich on marble rye bread.  I chose a grilled fish sandwich with a mixed green salad.  The food was outstanding.

Once we were back out of the streets, we saw these cute little

Cape Cod, MA 094

scooter cars.  Too bad the people of the island have thrown such a fit about them that you can no longer rent them.  What fun they would have been.

A little more shopping and a stroll on the beach...and then it was time to board our ferry back to Falmouth.

What a great day it has been.

Now, I had a few ask, was it pricy to go to the island?


$15.00 to park the car for the day

$36.00 round trip on the ferry

$14.00 all day pass for the bus

$  3.00 for 2 waters

$40.00 for lunch and

$18.00 for one tee shirt....

but, the day and the memories were priceless!


  1. Dortha,,how much to buy one of them buggies!! very cute

  2. Glad you and Mark had such a "priceless" day!! Martha's Vineyard sure is a beautiful place.

    Have fun and stay safe!!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. Thanks for the tour. It was my first of Martha's Vineyard.

  4. Thanks for taking us along. I thought that was closed off to "tourist". You're right, it's priceless.