Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Maine to Massachusetts

This morning after exchanging hugs and saying "see you later" to Glenn and Sylvia and Darrell and Judy, we hooked up and headed out.

Today's travels would take us all to different destinations.  Glenn and Sylvia's was Randolph Center, Vermont, while Darrell and Judy were going farther North to Burlington, Vermont to visit with kids and grandkids.

Mark and I were off to Sandwich, Massachusetts for a week on Cape Cod.  Our three hour trip turned into about five and half hours.  We spent time in

Cape Cod, MA 002

construction,  slowing down for

Cape Cod, MA 014

toll booth after toll booth.  I think $17.50 for the day. And, dodging

Cape Cod, MA 022

all sorts of emergency vehicles  in two

Cape Cod, MA 030

different wrecks.  This one got

Cape Cod, MA 029

Care was pretty bad, we prayed that everyone was okay.

By the time we reached our campground and

Cape Cod, MA 034

settled in, we were both too tired to do anything today.

So, after a short afternoon nap, we decided to go out and find something for dinner.  We found a great little place for pizza.  Afterwards, we took a short drive around the neighborhood.

Once we were back to the campground, I took a walk around the park while Mark spread out all the literature on Cape Cod and worked on a plan for tomorrow.

We are thankful for our safe travels today and are looking forward to a great week here on the Cape as there seems likes lots to do and see.  So, even though our day today was no great adventure, we hope you will stop back by as we start our exploration of beautiful Cape Cod.


  1. Glad you made it safe and sound. You mean you mean you weren't able to find a "sandwich" and had to eat pizza? What a sad state of affairs.

  2. Glad your trip was a safe one. Looking forward to Cape Cod.
    Be back tomorrow!

  3. Glad you had a safe trip! Sounds like many folks didn't! Hope they are ok.
    Have fun while at Cape Cod!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. Pizza in Sandwich.uuuummmm
    Have fun on "The Cape"
    miss you guys alwready.

  5. So glad you arrived safely. Can't wait to see what you uncover on the cape. Don't let the traffic get to you!

  6. At least when in the motorhome during at traffic backup, you have a bathroom, food and can even turn on a tv to pass the time. Those poor folks in cars can't do that! You could crank up the generator, turn on the roof AC and be comfortable, while those idling cars don't blow the AC as well when not in motion.

    See? I always look on the bright side!

    Looking forward to your pics of Cape COd, never been there.

  7. Looks like an action packed day, the east coast is a nightmare for drivers, much like Southern California, give me the midwest anytime 30 miles from a big city and theres no traffic anymore, pizza sounded good, how was Mass.Pizza? Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.