Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last Day...

Tomorrow we will be leaving Cape Cod and moving about 130 miles to East Lyme, Connecticut, to the Aces High Campground, which is just out of Mystic.

  Since tomorrow is a travel day, we spent most of the morning taking care of business.

I decided to locate a place to get my hair cut, get a pedicure, and look for a post office.  In the meantime,  Mark stayed at the campground doing a few pre-travel work.  He needed to sweep water, twigs and pine needles off of the roof.  He cleaned the windshield and put a few things away.

By the time I returned, he was finished with his chores.  After lunch, we decided to take a drive down to

Cape Cod, MA 016

Cape Cod Canal.

This waterway connects Cape Cod Bay to

Cape Cod, MA 012

Buzzards Bay, 17 miles away.

The first idea for a canal came from Miles Standish of Plymouth Colony in 1623.  He recognized that connecting the two bays would facilitate trade between Plymouth, Native American Indians, and Dutch Merchants sailing from New York.  However, building a canal was beyond the means of the colony. Even though it didn't happen in 1623, it was Standish that gave birth to idea of building a canal.

Then in 1776, George Washington saw a need for a canal to give more security for the American Fleet against enemies.  Thomas Machin, an engineer with the Continental Army investigated the feasibility of a canal.  His report stands today as the first survey for the Cape Cod Canal.  Again, it didn't happen.

Over the next centuries various individuals and groups conducted surveys and feasibility studies, but it was not until 1904 that the canal project actually begin to become a reality.  Then, in 1909, the first shovelful of earth was moved.  And, on July 29, 1914, the Rose Standish, the first passenger ship to transit the canal, led the "Parade of Ships" for opening day.

Since 1928, the Corps of Engineers have been responsible for the canal.  It's primary purpose is to provide safe navigation, saving an average of 135 miles

Cape Cod, MA 032

of coastwise travel out around the tip of Cape Cod.

There are great walking/biking trails along the canal.  As well, there are two campgrounds along the waterway...Bourne Scenic Park on the north end of the canal and Scusset Beach State Reservation on the East end.

Leaving the canal, we wandered down Main Street in Historic Sandwich.  We visited the Sandwich Glass Museum where were watched a

Cape Cod, MA 056

glass blowing demo.  We then roamed through the museum looking at all the

Cape Cod, MA 064

old Sandwich Glass on display.

From the museum, we passed by the

Cape Cod, MA 078

first church of Sandwich, built in 1847.

Of course, by now, Mark was saying, "Feed Me", so we went back down by the canal to Seafood Sam's.  We enjoyed a dinner of Baked Haddock, coleslaw, and a baked potato.  I know...I have said it before, but, I am going to say it again...we are going to miss all this great seafood.

Our drive back to the campground took us by this

Cape Cod, MA 086

beautiful little pond.

I can't believe a week has passed and it is time for us to pack up and move on.  We have enjoyed our stay here on the Cape and look forward to returning in the future.

We thank all of our followers for taking the journey with us.  We love your comments and suggestions.

See you all tomorrow from Connecticut!


  1. You picked a great restaurant to eat at today. Seafood Sams is great. That is where we ate (Yarmouth one) twice when we were just there for the weekend. So glad you enjoyed Cape Cod. Its a special place for us. Plenty more to see if you ever get back.

  2. Have enjoyed the Cape, never knew it was that beautiful!

    Drive safe ... Connecticut here we come!

  3. Glad you all had such a great time while visiting the Cape! It is a beautiful and historic place and is certainly on our "to see" list.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)