Saturday, August 7, 2010

Amazing Creatures...

From Boston to Maine and back to Cape Cod, I have read brochure after brochure featuring whale watches.

We decided we couldn't leave without taking one of the trips.  And, today was that day.  So, this morning we drove to Plymouth.

We decided on

Cape Cod, MA 066

Capt. John's boat.  The trip didn't leave until 2:00...plenty of time to have a great lunch at

Cape Cod, MA 069

Wood's Seafood.  Our choice was crab cakes.  Mine was served with rice and coleslaw, while Mark chose fries and coleslaw.

After lunch, we still had time to walk around and do a little shopping.  A little before 2, we joined the others at the dock where we loaded on our boat.

Our trip took us out of the

Cape Cod, MA 079

Plymouth Harbor, past the

Cape Cod, MA 044

Mayflower II and the

Cape Cod, MA 050

Plymouth Rock monument.

We passed by the

Cape Cod, MA 091

the lighthouse marking the end of the harbor and as we traveled on out to sea, we passed

Cape Cod, MA 096

the lighthouse that marks where the Gulf of Massachusetts meets the Gulf of Maine.

Now, out in the

Cape Cod, MA 110

open waters of the North Atlantic, we traveled 25 miles out to the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.  This is a federally protected marine habitat for a truly amazing diversity of marine life.

And, amazing it was...

Cape Cod, MA 196

Humpback Whales right beside our boat.

They would

Cape Cod, MA 140

surface and

Cape Cod, MA 141


We saw

Cape Cod, MA 328

momma and baby swimming together.

And, after a little while, they would return, and again, in amazement, we watched as they

Cape Cod, MA 382


Whales, Mark 204

started their dive, and

Cape Cod, MA 389


I was sad when Capt. John said we had to head back to Plymouth.  I could have stayed and watched these amazing creatures until dark.

There just aren't enough

Whales, Mark 110

words to explain what we

Cape Cod, MA 390



  1. Sounds like you were really lucky with your outing; those whale photos are great. To think that they have returned from the brink of extinction makes sightings even more special.

  2. What an exciting day and the pictures are great!

  3. Very got great pictures!

  4. Wow, you guys have gotta slow down and leave somethin' to see on your next trip to New England. What great pictures - wish we coulda been thar with y'all.

  5. Great pictures. Wish we had traveled to the Cape with you. Enjoy the Cape.