Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Sunday Drive

After a leisure morning, Mark wanted to take a drive out to Woods Hole.  This is the home of the NOAA Oceanographic Institution.  There are lots of

Cape Cod, MA 052

research buildings through out the little town.  This one had large tanks filled with water and

Cape Cod, MA 051

conk shells. Makes you wonder what they were doing with a tub filled with shells.

Mark wanted to visit the

Cape Cod, MA 025

museum, but, they were not open today.

We walked down to the aquarium, they too were closed, but, one of the workers was out feeding the

Cape Cod, MA 062

harbor seals, so we got to be entertained for a little while.

We even got to do a little research of our own, finding this

Cape Cod, MA 004

pretty pink jelly fish in the harbor.  Don't worry, we left him alone to swim away.

Since none of the oceanographic facilities were open, we just took a stroll down the only

Cape Cod, MA 001

street in town.  We did a little window shopping and a little people watching.  But, the most fun was getting to see the

Cape Cod, MA 040

draw bridge go up to let the sail boats out of Ell Pond and into

Cape Cod, MA 076

the Great Harbor.

We saw the

Cape Cod, MA 079

Nobska Lighthouse standing high above the Nobska Beach.

We drove on to the little town of

Cape Cod, MA 084

Falmouth.  After finding a place to park, again, we walked the streets,

Cape Cod, MA 036

looking at all the unique items that were for sale.

By now, we were hungry, so we stopped for a bite of lunch.  Nothing special today...Cobb Salad.

Afterwards, we stopped by the ferry terminal of the Island Queen.  We needed to pick up some schedule/fare information  for our tomorrow's adventure which is a trip to Martha's Vineyard.

We were then on our way back to the campground to spend the rest of the afternoon doing a little planning for our next few campground stops.  I can't believe our time in New England is coming to the end, and that soon we will start our trek  west towards Indiana.  While we are excited to meet up with all of you that will be at the Gypsy Journal Rally and Escapades 2010, we are not ready to leave this beautiful area.

However, first things first and that is our next adventure.  See you tomorrow from the Vineyard!

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  1. Be sure and take a tour around the island. You will miss so much if you don't. I'm not usually much for bus tours, but sometimes it is good to get a local to let you in on the inside information. We had a great & funny guide.