Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All For A Stamp

We woke this morning to rain, rain, and more rain, but, we didn't let it mess up our plan to head out to


Rocky Mountain National Park.  Along with Rod and Deb, we drove up to Estes Park.  First, we made a stop at the visitor center.

Next on the agenda was lunch.  Rod and Deb


recommended this great deli. The sandwiches were delicious, the soup was great, but, the desserts were awesome.  Needless to say, we all enjoyed our lunch.  Our walk back to the car took us by a shoe store were Mark had his eye on a new pair of Merrell's.

Now, with lunch and shopping behind us, we were ready to head into the park and up the


mountain.  Now, we all know that when it is raining down below, there could be snow up top.  Well, that statement is true, and by the time we reached the


Alpine Visitor Center at 12,000 feet, it was 34 degrees and snowing...but, Deb and I needed that cancellation stamp!

Even, this


little guy thought we were crazy.

We did learn that...

Alpine weather bounces between sunlight and storms, strong winds and balmy breezes, violent weather and surprising calm...resilient plants, insects, birds, and mammals.

Okay, okay...we got the stamp, and headed back down the mountain to better conditions.  But, we still needed


more stamps.  So, our next stop was the Moraine Visitor Center.  The weather was much better at this stop.

We also made stops at the Fall River Visitor Center and Beaver Meadows.  Our grand total of stamps today...five!

By this time, we had collected ourselves right into mid-afternoon and there was yet another stop we wanted to make.  But, as were about to exit the park, we were stopped by this


fellow!  Ya'll come back, real soon!

Now, on to our


last stop for the day.  We tasted, shopped, and purchased


lots of Cherry Juice, Cider, Jelly, and Pies.  A great finish to the day.

Despite the weather, it was a fun day in the Rocky Mountain National Park!


  1. Looks like fun, was that odd duck that owns the deli there today.

  2. He was still there, JB and as ornery as ever! Sandwiches were the BEST!!

    Even though it rained we still had a GREAT time!!

    Deb & Rod

  3. SO, I type a long message awhile ago and it wound't let me post it, so this is a test. LOL

  4. Ok, I'll try this again, I don't know what is going on~~~ As I was saying, I have been collecting stamps in my Passport book since 2003. I almost filled the orginal book, so I bought the big book that is much nicer tahn I had before. I love going to the National Parks and getting another stamp. It looks like you are having a grat time doing that too.


  5. So glad you guys had fun even thought the weather was more then iffy! Loved the photos of the wildlife ~ those little beavers are all over in that park! Food sounded great but oh my all that cherry stuff ~ YUMMO!!! We haven't been to the Rocky Mountains in many years but I am hoping to get back there in a few years. I love getting the stamps too... what fun!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  6. Always wanted to go to that park!!! Was it awesome?