Sunday, September 25, 2011

Showers of Blessings

In addition to being in Alabama for our annual Red Bay trip, we are also here for my niece's wedding on October 1 in Birmingham.  This weekend was set aside for showers and parties.  So, on Friday, I left Mark and the motor home in Red Bay and I headed out to make the 150 mile trip to Birmingham.

I arrived about mid-afternoon and Conlee, my sister-in-law, and I got in a great visit before Danielle, by youngest niece, got home from school, and my brother, Dan, arrived home from work.

Danielle had a birthday party to attend that evening, so Dan, Conlee, and I decided to go see the Club where Sarah and Jason's wedding and reception will take place.  Sitting out on the patio where the ceremony will take place, we enjoyed drinks and dinner.  What a beautiful Alabama Fall evening.

Once we were back at the house, it wasn't long before Sarah arrived after her drive in from her Kentucky home.

We had fun catching up on news about her and Jason and talking about the up coming wedding week.  We all had a great time watching as she opened all the gifts that have arrived here at the house.

Saturday morning, after making a stop at the alteration's shop for a last minute fit for Sarah's dress, we were off for party number one.

We arrived


at the home of Deb Hrdy where she and several other ladies had


worked hard to prepare


lots of food for the group.

Sarah and


mom, posed for pictures in the garden.

Sarah was delighted to see


old high school friends.

After enjoying all that yummy food and visiting, it was time for


Sarah to start opening the gifts.  Among the many gifts of the day, she received several baking pans and even


a few items to bake.

What a fun morning.

Later in the afternoon, while Conlee and Sarah met with the hair stylist, Dan, Danielle, and I went to pick up the


potted flowers that will become the decorations for the club's patio on Saturday.

Last night, Evan, my oldest niece, came and joined us for the evening.  It was great catching up with her.

This morning, we were up and ready for another busy day.  As always, I enjoyed attending church with Dan and family.  Afterwards, Sarah had lunch plans with the minister, while Dan, Conlee, and Danielle headed home.  Evan and I were off with our own agenda.  First, was a stop by DSW Shoes for a little wedding shoe shopping.  Next, was a stop by Bed Bath and Beyond, for a little last minute shower shopping.  Last, but not least was lunch at a great little Greek cafe.

By this time, we needed to head off to the afternoon tea being held in


Sarah's honor.

We were invited into the home of Annie Franklin.  She along with several other church ladies worked hard to prepare a beautiful


food table.

It was great to get to meet


Kim, Jason's mom, and Jason's grandmothers Sue (Nana) and Virginia (Grandmother).  They drove in from Tennessee today for the party.

It was a great afternoon of



And, once again, Sarah and Jason received


lots of great gifts.

  The afternoon ended and it was time to


load Sarah's car and


say good-bye to her for a few days.  She is returning to Kentucky to work a couple of days.  She and Jason will return to Birmingham on Wednesday.

Wow, what a great weekend with family, and the showers and tea were perfect for our


bride to be!


  1. Beautiful pictures and looks like a very nice weekend!! So many lovely gifts and happy people.
    Enjoy your time with your family
    Barb Williams