Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Festive Weekend...

Red Bay is usually pretty quite on the weekends and there isn't much to do.  However, this weekend was just a little different.  Yesterday, we wandered up and down the main street where the


annual Founders Day Festival was taking place.

There were


lots of folks out for a beautiful day.

There were crafters selling their wares.  We saw everything from


hair bows to


giant metal flowers.  And of course lots of Alabama, Auburn, and Mississippi State decorations and collectables.  I am not sure who has the biggest following.

Some folks were just having a grand old time


dancing in the streets.

And, you, can't have a festival without food.  These guys were busy


grilling steak for sandwiches while others were offering...


Deep Fried Hotdogs and a Southern favorite, boiled peanuts.

We passed up on both and kept wandering until we came to the


display of old cars.  And, there were some


real oldies there.

When we had seen everything once and some things twice, it was time for us to part ways.  Mark headed back to the campground while I stayed in town for a haircut appointment.

After my haircut, I decided to walk back to the campground.  Nice walk, only a couple of miles, and a beautiful afternoon.

By the time I got back to the motor home, it was time to think about dinner.  We decided to drive over to Belmont and try a new BBQ place, Joker's Grill. Mary (the girl who cut my hair) recommended it.  They have only been open about 5 weeks, and, It was as yummy and she said it was.  We will certainly go back.

We finished off the evening sitting out visiting with Randy and Pam.

This morning, we attended worship services at


First Baptist.

I made a stop by the


local produce stand, and grocery store while



found a little cleaning to keep himself busy.  The rest of the afternoon was taken up with football, and, watching the camp ground once again fill up with motor homes.

So, while we enjoyed a leisure weekend, tomorrow is Monday, and things will once again be busy here in Red Bay.


  1. We too will be heading to Red Bay for some work. I think Sherri is planning on making an appointment in November.

  2. your blog is nice and i really enjoy here

  3. I just love festivals. And that one looked like so much fun.

  4. Great pictures! Now I see what we missed…maybe we can get to Founders Day next year.