Saturday, September 3, 2011

Still Going Strong...

After the great conclusion of Escapades on Thursday, there was still a little work to be done.  So, yesterday, we were up and ready to help get it done.  So, right after the "hitch up" breakfast, I headed off to the office to help with the packing up, while Mark was out helping


load up the Big Red Truck.  With the help of the


bobcat, the guys worked until mid-afternoon and finally, the doors were closed and the


Big Red Truck was ready to head home to Livingston, Texas.

Yesterday, was also our 44th wedding anniversary.  We had Happy Hour with friends, and then had a nice quite dinner at The Chophouse in downtown Gillette.  What a great evening, with great friends.

Several more folks left today, and we wish them safe travels.  The rest of us spent the day regrouping, sorting paperwork, doing laundry, and buying groceries...some even found time to take a nap!

The temperature here in Gillette never got out of the 60's today, so tonight, we found


a spot out of the wind for our nightly get together.

Of course, this group can't get together without lots of


great food.

Kevin even grilled


some hotdogs...a true tailgate party.

Afterwards, there was enough daylight left, and


the ladder ball competition was on...however,

one by one the cool night air finally sent us all home, but, tomorrow is another day!


  1. Hope you had a GREAT Anniversary!!

    Deb & Rod

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Sounds like you are working and playing hard over there. Hugs to both of you....

  3. Hope your anniversary was wonderful ~ of course being with so many friends I am sure it was. Have fun & Travel safe

  4. Hope the two of you had a really nice Anniversary Celebration!! :-)

  5. I can't use my Google account to comment on your site anymore? Don't know what that is about but I can use anonymous. Glad to see everything went well and you all had a good time . Sure wish we could have shared that time with you. By the way Happy Anniversary from the two of us.

    Sherri and Joe

  6. happy belated 44th anniversary!!..hope you had a great day!!