Friday, July 18, 2014

Five Days On The Road...

July 14 -18, 2014

This past Monday, we left


Skagway in our rearview mirrors and headed into



As we traveled through Yukon Territory, we were still in awe of the


beauty that we have seen throughout this journey.  The lakes, the


the wildlife, and,


the mountains have all been amazing.

We traveled back through Carcross, where we took the


Atlin-Tagish-Carcross Scenic Loop to Jake's Corner.  This 34 mile paved road connected us to the Alaska Highway South of Whitehorse.  It wasn't too far down the road, where we safely crossed the


Teslin Bridge.  Molly has renamed this the Mark Hall bridge.  If you remember, this is the bridge that claimed that rear tire on the motor home on our way up.

We made a stop at the mile marker for the

DSC_0674 DSC_0670

Continental Divide which divides 2 of the largest drainage systems in North America--the Yukon River and Mackenzie River watersheds.  Water draining west from this point forms the Swift River which drains into the Yukon River.  It then starts a northwest journey of 2,300 miles to the Bering Sea.  The water that drains to the East flows into the Laird River then the McKenzie River and flows Northwest and empties into the Beaufort Sea (Arctic Ocean) a journey of 2,650 miles.

We made our way back through


Watson Lake where we got one last glimpse of The Sign Forest.  It would be interesting to know how many new signs have been added in these past couple of months and will be added for the rest of this summer.

Just out of Watson Lake, we met up with


this big guy, just before we came upon the 


Pilot Car.  His job today was to take us through


the construction zone.

It is true what they say about Canada and Alaska.  There are two seasons...Winter and Construction.  And, this was only one of the


many areas we drove through.

After driving the rough roads and the dirty roads, we had the thought that we might make our nights stop at Laird River Hot Springs, but, by late afternoon, the


temperatures were creeping to numbers we hadn't seen in weeks.  So, the thought of a bath in the hot springs coupled with the mosquitoes in the woods, caused us to rethink the end of our day.  And, we drove on.

Soon, we found a beautiful pull out


across the road from Muncho Lake.  And, after a 500 mile travel day, the stop was both relaxing and welcomed.

July 15, 2014

On Tuesday morning we woke to a


beautiful blue sky and a


Caribou just outside the motor home.  We watched him for awhile while he showed off for the camera before we decided it was time to get on with the day.

Our travels today, took us on around


Muncho Lake, around


the narrow roads, and


through the mountains, and on to points South.

What we didn't know, is that once again today, we would encounter not only

DSC_0800 t

more wildlife, but, more



  And, here, where most of the roads are only two lanes, there is no place to re-route the traffic, so you just travel through the construction areas.

We traveled through what seemed like miles and miles of


construction before we reached Fort Nelson.

We stopped at the North end of town at the city dump station while Bob and Molly traveled on into town for fuel.  Just as Mark and I were pulling out of the parking lot, we looked up to see


Rich and Mary pass right by us.  After we all made a stop at the local A&W for lunch, Rich and Mary joined us as we continued our trek South.  Glad to have you guys back with us!

Our afternoon travels took us through the area called Pink Mountain.  Just since we passed through here a couple of months ago, the oil companies have started lots of drilling.  So, not only have we had to share the roads with the


construction workers, now, we are passing lots of


really really big trucks bringing in lots of drilling equipment.  And, some of these trucks needed


most of the road.  This particular one had 14 axles on the ground.  Twelve of them were duals.  That means there were 50 tires on this vehicle!

By late day, we reached


Dawson Creek, the official start and stop of the Alaskan Highway.  Seems like we were just here in a way, and then again, it seems likes it was a lifetime ago.

We traveled on through town where, Bob, Molly, Rich and Mary found a pull out for the night.  Mark and I drove on to Grande Prairie where we found a much needed RV Wash before we settled in at the local Wal-Mart for the night.  And, an end to another long travel day.

July 16, 2014

Wednesday morning, Bob and gang made their way to Grande Prairie, to made a run through the truck wash before we all headed out of town to work our way toward Edmonton.

The drive today was beautiful.  The fields along the highways were filled with


beautiful yellow blooms.  Our first thoughts was that this is mustard, but someone told us it was canola?   Whatever it is, the fields are so pretty and seemed


to go for miles.

As we traveled along, we begin to notice the sky


  becoming smoky.  We found out that there are forest fires towards Banff and Jasper.

The smoke


hung in the sky making the sun look red.

We made it through Edmonton and after two long travel days, we decided to cut this day short.  We found a


little city park in Lacombe.  They offered electric only sites, but, for the night, it was perfect and all we needed.  Great place to stop and relax for the evening.

July 17, 2014

Thursday morning


dawned to what looked like a great day.  Our travel plan today would take us through


Calgary and on to our border crossing at Sweetgrass, Montana.  We had originally planned to stop over in Calgary to see JB and Brenda, but, back down the road, Bob found a small fuel leak in the biggie truck.  After talking with the dealership in Great Falls, Montana, they could look at it on Friday morning.  So, no tarrying,  we needed to make tracks in that direction before the small leak became a big one.  Sorry JB and Brenda, we didn't get to make that stop...hope to catch up with you guys in Arizona this winter!

After we wiggled our way through the rush hour in Calgary, we got a few more miles behind us when Molly decided it was breakfast time.  She located an A&W...sounds great...we just didn't know we had to take the


construction route to get there.  But, it was worth it, and, by the time we arrived, we were all ready for breakfast!

Tummies full, we were headed on our southern route for the border.  However, by the time we reached Fort Macleod, Bob's Biggie Truck decided it had gone far enough.  And, just as we reached the south end of town, he lost all power included steering and brakes.  He managed to get off the road.  He waited just a minute and it started.  Just ahead of us was a GMC dealership!  Now, if you are going to breakdown, It is always good to do it with a service center in sight.

After limping around the corner and into their lot, the service techs were quick to check out the problem.  Good news is they can fix it, bad news, the part had to be over-nighted from Edmonton.  So, our travel day ended today before noon, but, everyone is safe and the repairs to the truck should take place in the morning.

And, so for tonight, Bob and Molly are


tucked in next to the service center, while we are


parked just across the street in a large parking lot.

If all goes well with the repairs, we will try again tomorrow for that border crossing!

July 18, 2014

This morning, we were all taken back a bit when we found out that the part that was suppose to arrive from Edmonton overnight was on a truck that was broken down somewhere between Edmonton and Fort Macleod.

Just about the time we were thinking that border crossing wasn't going to happen, the dealership received a call that the part was on its way.   It did arrived and we were off for our usual A&W breakfast treat while the mechanics got to work on the truck.

It was after noon before the techs finished up with the Biggie Truck and we were all hooked up and ready to go.

We were glad to


to be on the road and thankful that Bob and Molly were safe from their scare yesterday, and the repairs were easy.

As we traveled on towards the border, we enjoyed the


fields of blue contrasted by the yellow.  And, like the yellow fields, we aren't sure what it is, but, it is beautiful.  Maybe some of our Canadian friends will set us straight.

We saw an


old water tower that has been recycled into what looks like an office building.  And, this beautiful


railroad bridge.

And, then, by late afternoon, we had the


border crossing in sight.  It was an easy crossing and the border patrol officer welcomed us home.  And, I must say, it was nice to see


this sign.

And, now as we comtinue our summer adventure, we are now in Montana, traveling across Highway 2 making our way towards North Dakota.  This is one of the last lower 48 states we need to visit.

  But, tonight, as we are parked on the Wal-Mart parking lot in Havre, Montana, we are still talking about the awesome trip to Alaska, but, glad to be back to the


green green grass of home!

And, as the song goes...Six days on the road and I'm gonna make it home tonight...we just made it in five!


  1. Will miss your great AK blog! Safe travels home and SKP (((Hugs)))

  2. Sorry we missed you and the blue is probably flax. In a less politically correct time they called the yellow ones rape seed.

  3. We've so enjoyed following along with your adventures! Welcome back to the Lower 48! Continued safe travels......and big hugs to all!

  4. We have enjoyed your trip. Glad you are back in the USA safely. Enjoy your travels.

  5. We In Alaska will miss all of you! Safe travels. See you on the road 619 days left!

  6. Howdy guys, too bad we never really hooked up with you all. It's been a blast for us too. Just flew (2 hrs ea wa) into Katmai Nat Pk yesterday. WOW!!!! See the bears fishing at It was friggin great! We think you all will have to come back for this! We are now heading for Homer.....See ya...
    Dennis & Carol Hill...Loosey Goosey Members 2014

  7. Thanks for blogging about it Dortha.. With Loyce's passing, I doubt I will ever get to make the trip myself... So it was good to go along with you guys thru the blog....

  8. What a wonderful journey. Thanks for posting the whole trip. It's always good to be "home". We'll be following the route on 2 in Montana and ND in a couple months.

    Welcome back to lower 48.

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