Thursday, July 10, 2014

Moving On...Valdez and Beyond

July 8-9, 2014

Monday afternoon, after literally coming down out of the clouds from our glacier landing trip, we packed up and moved from Talkeetna to Palmer.  As planned, Rich and Mary were waiting on us at the Fred Myers store, our campground, for the night.

On Tuesday, we were up and ready to roll.  After meeting up with Wallace and Wanda, Bennit and Bea, we headed out the Glennallen Highway...destination...Valdez.

We hadn't traveled too far down the


road, when this nice road turned into


this road...and these

Valdez, AK 2014

were the only directions we had for what seemed like many miles!

However, the scenery was


beautiful, as usual.  And,

after all the ups and downs, we found this


great pull out.

It was nice to stop and



  While we were there,


Claire, senior editor for The Milepost pulled in.  We had fun visiting with her about our travels.  She gave us all new Milepost books (the bible for Alaskan travel) and she


took our picture beside the truck!  Who knows, we might be famous some day.

Soon we left behind the Glennallen Highway and intersected the Richardson Highway...


turning right for Valdez.  For awhile, I thought we were


lost in the forest and the road construction, but, then, the


beauty of the rivers and mountains come back into view.

The drive into Valdez was amazing.  We saw






waterfalls, and


caves carved in glacier ice.

We even found


snow beside the roadway along Thompson Pass.  I had to remind myself that it is July!  But, also realize that as the


beautiful fireweed blooms to the top, in Alaska, that means summer is over.   So, I doubt that the snow on Thompson Pass will completely melt before the new snow returns.

Traveling on into Valdez, we signed into


Bayside RV Park.  Basically, it is a


big parking lot, as are a lot of the campgrounds in Alaska.  The sites were nice, level, and we had 30 amp service with full hook-ups.  Wallace, Wanda, Bennit and Bea are staying for the week to fish.  The rest of us are here only for the night.

We set up, got the laundry done, and walked to town for a nice dinner.  Afterwards, we drove a little ways out of town and around the sound.  We heard that the bear come to feed there.  And, they do, but, we were too late to see them.  But, we did have fun watching the


sea lions catch the fish for their dinner.

And, every where we looked, we saw


eagles sitting in the trees.

It was a


beautiful night in Valdez.

July 9, 2014

After a leisure morning, we had our hugs and see you later with Wallace, Wanda, Bennit, and Bea.  It's been great guys, and hope to see you down the road.  And, good luck fishing!

As for  the the rest of us, we headed out of town.  We made a stop by


this old train tunnel.

This is the sign


outside the entrance.

We also saw the debris that was left from the


avalanche that closed off Valdez for a week or so.

This afternoon, we made a stop by the


Wrangell-Elias National Park.  This park is the biggest in the national park system with 13.2 million acres of wild land and 9.7 million acres of designed wilderness.  It is home to the beautiful


Mt. Sanford (16,237 ft) and


Mt. Drum (12,010 ft).

Mt. St. Elias, not seen is (18,029 ft.) and is the second highest peak in the United States.

One more park pass for the book!

Soon it was time for us to think about where we were going to stop for the night.  And, thanks to the good old Milepost, we found a great


pull out off the Tok cutoff...there was even a


food truck in the lot serving dinner!

And, so ends one more beautiful day...we are so blessed!

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  1. Looks like you all are having a great time. It sure makes it fun for the rest of us who have never been to Alaska in an RV...Great post!