Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Adventure Continues...

We are adjusting to being back in the lower 48.  We realize that it really is summer.  We don't have to have jacket as part of the dress code for the day, that are still lots of folks on vacation, and we have to have reservations at RV Parks.
And as our adventure continues, Bob, Molly, Rich, and Mary are still hanging in with us.
July 19, 2014
After taking a deep breath from our five days on the road, we are looking for a couple of laid back days, and an RV Park with power.  Someone turned up the heat!
So, we think, Wolf Point, Montana and
Homestead RV Park, formerly the Ranchero RV Park, might be just what we need.

Jigs, the Indian man that owns the park, kept us well entertained.  He met us outside, to confirm we were the ones that had called for reservations... we confirmed!
You, the red one, park this way...you the big one, you go this way.  And, Jigs kept calling Rich part Indian, because he had to circle three times before getting into his spot.
Nice to meet you Jigs...you were great and so was our stay!
July 20, 2014
After a good night's rest, it was time to roll on over
the back roads of Montana and on towards
North Dakota.
Yes, finally, after all these years of traveling, we are adding this state to our map!  It is one of the last few for us to mark off the list.
By noon, we arrived at the
Red Trail Campground in Medora.  This is where we will call
home for a couple of days...nice folks and nice campground...even if we were parked right under the cottonwood tree!
We had a leisure afternoon and evening, sitting outside, visiting, and making plans for our next adventure.
July 21, 2014
Today, will be our last day to spend with friends.  So might as well do it right!  We started it off with
a special breakfast of biscuits and gravy, eggs, and grits.

  And, Mary, made it very special by making one her famous
apple pancakes.  What a treat!
By mid-morning, we loaded up and headed out
for a drive through the south unit of the Roosevelt National Park...a 36 mile loop.
In the mist of
construction...our favorite pass time... we
did find
a big bison, minding his own business and enjoying his mid-morning snack.
And, other than some little
prairie dogs, a few
wild horses, and an occasional
overlook, we were done with the park.
  Oh, there were lots of places to hike, but,
these three vetoed any idea that involved hiking!
The park is truly a unique
wilderness of 70,400 acres of Dakota Badlands.
Theodore Roosevelt arrived here for the first time in 1883.  He immediately fell in love with the land and quickly invested in cattle and soon had two large ranches.
After spending time in North Dakota, he became aware of the damage that was being done to the land and the wildlife.  After he became President, he pursued his interest in conservation.  The results of his efforts...
Five National Parks
51 Federal Bird Reservations
Four National Game Preserves
150 National Forest
By the end of his presidency, he had protected 230,000,000 acres of public land.
Roosevelt .."I have always said, I would have not been president if it had not been for my experience in North Dakota."
One more national park to cross off our list and
one more stamp for the passport book!
After our drive through the park, we headed back to the RV Park, where we waited out an afternoon thunderstorm.
By 5:00, the rain was gone, the air had cooled, and
the six of us were off for our last dinner together.
We drove to the top of the hill that overlooks
and the Little Missouri River and the town of Medora.
The Pitchfork Fondue.
  Dinner was a 120z rib-eye that was loaded on pitchfork and immersed in 350 degree oil for 5 minutes.  The steak was accompanied by lots of
sides on a serve yourself buffet line and included desert and a drink.
After dinner, we treated ourselves
to the Medora
The show is said to be the
best in the West...and we agree!
  It is dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt's time in the Badlands and featured
Miss Emily, Queen of the West.
What a great finale to our two month journey!
July 22, 2014
This morning, we were up and ready to roll by 6:30.  We headed out of Medora with
fog hanging over the hillsides and

Interstate 94.  Thankfully, it didn't take too long for the sun come out from hiding!
Just west of Bismarck, we stopped for breakfast...one last Hardy's stop for Molly.  Here we had hugs and kisses, and a couple of tears as we parted ways.
Bob and Molly...East bound and down!  They are headed home to Virginia by way of Maryland...travel safe guys, those little hugs are just down the road!
Rich and Mary...headed home to Illinois...safe travels to you...Mary, be sure to let us know when it is time to sign up for Vancouver!
Love you guys...and again, it has been an awesome journey!
As for Mark and I...the adventure continues...
Our the first stop will land us in Minnesota for a few days.  We are looking forward to visiting and catching up with Bob, Kathy, Niles, Sue...Lark Drive Gang...and Retama family!
Yep...it's a new adventure in the making!


  1. Awesome and again thanks for sharing!!

  2. I hope you walked down to the river while you were at that campground. If you stay at one of the casinos near the twin cities, we visited the Gangster Tour in Hastings at the caves and also did the Mill City Tour of the old flour mill. Of course everyone manages to go to the Spam Museum.