Thursday, April 9, 2009

2 Year Olds X 2

This day started before 6:oo. Yes, Deb, that is in the a.m. I had to up, showered, dressed, and have a head start on the day because,

I have 2 helpers for the day! And they are quite busy little humans.
And, of course, everyone know that breakfast tastes better at Moppa's house.

And watching the Wiggles from the big bed is more fun

We had a fun day. We read books, played blocks. They helped me with the laundry and by the time we got that chore finished, it was time for chicken nuggets from Wendy's. After lunch, we made our way to Scott's house for naptime, where we stayed for the rest of the afternoon. We were definately ready for a break from the motor home.

Kourtney is spending the rest of the evening with us while Karen is at Science Night at school, and Caden was off with his mom and dad for his first haircut.

Needless to say with a 21 month old and a 23 month old this day had been anything but boring!

I will leave you with progress in the house.

This was trim being primed and painted yesterday

The den after being painted

The new door to the entrance of the office

The entry just needs the new floor and a little more trim

By the middle of next week we should see a finished project.


  1. oh what a brave Moppa two two year olds. Renos are looking good.


  2. Moppa, what are "the Wiggles"??

    And your grandbabies are precious!You are a good grandma!

  3. Wow, what a busy but fun day. I still don't believe there is a 6 a.m. I've never seen it...


  4. Things are looking up at the X-home place. Grandkids are cuties and growing. I guess you guys are getting ready to head out next week.