Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mid Week and Still Waiting

Good Morning from Red Bay, is now Wednesday, the weather is beautiful, and we are still here just waiting our turn for service. According to the service rep we are about 5 away from getting into a service bay. So, maybe, just maybe, (for my sake) we will be getting some attention either this afternoon or tomorrow! LOL

Other than just waiting, not much is happening here in Red Bay. After Jim and Ellie left us for the big city life, Sylvia and I ventured out for an afternoon of shopping. After a quick stop at the post office, we went to Fred's, which is the local "want to be Walmart", then it was over to CVS to pick up a few items. After all that shopping, Mark and I decided pizza sounded like what we wanted for dinner. Now, where in Red Bay do we find pizza? Where else, but the gas station! Don't laugh, it was pretty yummy and $9.00 for a large, with one topping or loaded. Bet you can't guess what we got...but, I know it was healthy because it came with every vegetable you can name. Afterwards, we walked over to sit out with Glynn and Sylvia until the chill ran us all in for the evening.

Yesterday, was a beautiful day, with temps in the 70's. While Mark was busy here in and around the motor home, I fought my way through the laundry room. I always thought Monday's were laundry day, so I waiting until Tuesday. Someone must have changed the rules because there was a wait for the washers and dryers. Oh, well, I have learned that you meet some of the nicest people at the campground laundry rooms.

While I was waiting my turn, Sylvia dropped in to tell me she was going downtown to get her hair cut and also to invite Mark and I to dinner. Great, I will bring a dessert. She was planning on grilled pork chops, cole slaw, and baked sweet potatoes. So, I decided on making a peach cobbler. However, my choice necessitated a trip to get peaches. So with the laundry now done, I went to see if Mark wanted to go down the the Silver Dollar store,"the bent can store" as he calls it. So, we made our way a few miles down the road and across into Mississippi, wandered through Silver Dollar, picking out a few items we thought we needed in addition to the beautiful frozen peaches I purchased. Then it was back to the motor home to get the cobbler in the oven. We enjoyed a great visit and a delicious dinner. Thanks guys for the invite!

And, this post brings me back to where I started. It is still Wednesday and we are still waiting, but things are looking up. Mark is off shopping in the Campers Choice store and I need to get to the rest of the laundry and a little cleaning. Glynn and Sylvia are waiting on the mail to be delivered and then they are leaving for Decatur, AL for a short stay before they make their way on towards Virginia and on to Massachusetts for the summer.

I guess that just about wraps up life in Red Bay on this beautiful spring day! Enjoy life wherever you are.

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  1. Well I see you are still parked. Sherri and are too are parked and waiting to take our home in next week. I think I might change the date due to the fact that Sherri will not be back on that Thursday. Oh well there is nothing that can't be put off another week. Stay safe

    Joe and Sherri