Monday, April 6, 2009

Who's Remodeling?

Saturday started early for what was planned as a busy day. Karen had an early hair appointment, while Kenneth waited on the contractors to arrive and get started. Kourtney and I hung out in the motor home.

There is nothing like a Saturday morning in your pj's with a cup of milk, and cartoons!

Then there was Mark...
who was up to a little remodel job of his own!

Then by noon everything was in full swing...Karen, Kenneth headed out for errands and Mark and I made our way to Arlington for Zachary's baseball game. Wow...3 RBI's.
After the ballgame,it was back to the westside of Fort Worth to catch our breath and get ready for dinner with the boys and their families. It was a little belated birthday dinner with Scott.
What a busy day that was.
Sunday started out about the same. The contractors were busy back at work, and Kourtney was once again confined to the motorhome. She did really well.

First, we watched the Wiggles...

Then, it was time to feed Elmo...

her monkey...

and Poppa!

After lunch with Kourtney, it was time to leave the motor home to the girls for naptime. Mark and I had plans to meet Glynn and Sylvia in Arlington for lunch. They were here for a few days and called to let us know they were in the area. We had a good visit with them and got to meet Glynn's niece, Colinda. We ate at Olive Garden which was yummy as usual.

Afterwards, we ran a few errands and then it was back to the house. By the time we got home the contractors had finished for the day. These pictures are the progress for yesterday and today...

Preping the walls

I think the ceiling needs a little more work?

making progress...the walls now have a skim, and are waiting for texture

this is the kitchen after we remodeled a couple of years ago...
I think this about catches us up on all the remodeling project for now.


  1. Your Ganddaughter is adoreable and thanks for the updates on the renos


  2. Great pictures!! Looks like A LOT of work to be done.....

    Debbie & Rod
    Miss You!

  3. Hey Mark what are you doing in your bay I might need to do this as well. Is it a tube for the window covers,ladder or you tell me/ Remode is looking good hope to see you guys some day soon

  4. Must be a place for your fishing pole eh!