Monday, April 13, 2009

Heading East on I-20

Today, we were up before 5:00 a.m. By the time we showered, dressed, put the last few things away both inside and out, it was time for Mark to make his way to the Cummins Dealer. We had a scheduled recall for a engine/computer update. I left shortly after him, but had to make a stop by Kroger's and then the bank.
Deb, this is what sunrise looks like!

I made my way from the west side of Fort Worth through the early morning rush hour traffic through downtown and to the north side of Fort Worth to meet up with Mark.

By the time I reached the Cummin's dealer, Mark was waiting on me. We decided to go for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel while they were working on the motor home. We had a good breakfast, too many points, but it was good. Mark said we would just skip lunch. LOL After, breakfast we did a little shopping in the gift shop and found a new 2009 edition of "The Next Exit". That is a pretty handy book to have if you aren't familiar with it. It gives you a listing of all the exits on the interstates where you can find food, fuel, rest areas, etc. The stops that are big enough for RVs are listed in red. It has kept us from getting into a bind on a several occasions, plus you can look ahead for the next fuel stop, etc.

So, after breakfast and shopping, we made our way a couple of miles back down I-35 to Cummins. They were finishing with the update just as we were driving up. We found that all was good, hooked up, and headed out down I-35 South to 287 and across to I-20 East. We survived the trip through Arlington, Grand Prairie, and Duncanville. I call that area the trip through "idiotville" and am always glad to get beyond that point. The weather today is overcast and breezy with an occasional sprinkle of rain. I hope we see the sunshine before the day is over.

We are planning to make it to Philadelphia, Mississippi this evening where we will dry camp for the night. We are meeting John and Bridgett for dinner and a little action at the local casino. Tomorrow we will travel on into Red Bay, Alabama to the Allegro Campground, where we will have the last of the warranty work done on the motor home.

To John and Brenda, enjoy your last leg through Texas, stay safe, and I am so sorry we will be missing your stop in Fort Worth this evening. I hope you enjoy our Texas Bluebonnets along the highway.
And to everyone else traveling today, stay safe and enjoy your journey.


  1. Safe Traveling and God speed. Wish we were following behind you guys like we use to with Jo & Jim inour early 2000-2006 travels. I recall so amny miles lookinat their end cap and jeep. I know you will keep us up to date on your trip and exciting things you will be doing.

  2. The points at the casino restaurants are 2 for 1 tonight. See you this evening.

    Stay Safe

  3. You guys sure spend a lot of time in Red Bay...Well at least it is a free campground...LOL

    Joe and Sherri