Friday, May 15, 2009

Fun at Field Day

Today was Field Day at

Andrew and Lauren's school.

First there was
a school wide picnic lunch before the activities get started for the upper grades.

And there is no better way than to spend a day like this expect with your friends.

Lauren and her friend Melanie
Andrew and his friend Sam.

After lunch, the fun began...

Lauren's first event was rolling tires down and around a cone and back to pass it off to the next person in line.
Then she was off to the a sack that is

How about a trip through the obstacle course bounce house?

Only a kid would get a kick out of trying to carry water in this pipe from the pool to dumping it in a bucket, especially when your hand is the only way to keep it from running out.
Here the 3rd - 5th graders are getting ready for the high light of the day...tug of war

This is the one event, Andrew loves

Andrew, Sam, and Travis getting ready for tug of war

Pull guys...Andrew is always on this end. These guys have been on the winning team ever since 3rd grade...they are now 5th graders and this is their last tug of war competition.
But never fear, Andrew
your sister is here to take your place!
What a fun day! Pop and I enjoyed spending it with you. And thanks Jeremy for all the time it takes for you to get this day organized!

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  1. Oh the joy of being a kid! So nice that I never grew up! I just slowed down a little....LOL