Monday, May 11, 2009

Getting Back On Track

I know...I have let a whole week pass by without a single word. When we arrived home last Tuesday, it was quite busy around here as Karen and the kids were still out of school from the flu scare. We got the motor home set up and settled in. The rest of the week was filled with kids, laundry, kids, hair appointments, kids, etc. I think you have the picture. Karen returned to school on Thursday to get her classroom cleaned and ready for the kids to return on Friday. Yeah...things are almost back to normal.

We also had friends, Weldon and Sandy, in town. They were in from East Texas at the local Camping World to get their refrigerator replaced in their motor home. Which by the way had to be replaced/installed twice as the first one didn't work. What a chore. So, they stayed a couple of days to make sure the refrigerator was working properly which allowed us to have a good visit with them. I am sorry you guys had to come to town for repairs, but glad we got to see you.

Saturday, we went to Zachary's baseball game and did a little shopping in preparation for Mother's Day. Yesterday, Mark and I got up and decided that instead of going to our church service, we would go to church with my mom. I am so glad we was a great service and I am glad I got to share it with her on a special day. Afterwards, we stopped by to visit with his mom. We then spent a quite afternoon before all the kids and grand kids came to have Mother's Day. I always love it when they are all here...we

ate Pizza...and then

it was outside with all the grand kids....Lauren and Zachary are trying to get a game of baseball started, while...

Andrew just wants to drive the Kubota and

Kourtney is trying out Caden's tricycle while

he is occupied with the wagon.

After we had fun playing outside, it was time to go inside for dessert of chocolate dirt pudding. Yummy. And then the kids gave me a couple of really great Mother's Day gifts....

I got this really nice HP/Photosmart wireless wifi printer and

these really great Weight Watchers scales. I might say I now need these after pizza and dirt pudding in the same meal. LOL

Thanks kids for a great Mother's Day...Love, Mom
Today is Monday and we woke to a rainy day. However, we are trying to get back on track as this promises to be a busy week. Several doctor/dental/eye appointments are scheduled as well as the everyday chores that need to be worked through. My biggest chore for the next several days is to get back to the cleaning in the craft room. I sort of had to put that on hold when the remodelers were now it is a double mess. And, we all know that Mark's biggest chore is getting out the wax bottle. He is also working on a few items for Karen the remodelers overlooked. We will also be working in some grand kid games, field days, talent shows, and award ceremonies.
I better get this journal wrapped up for now and get to the business at hand or this day too will be gone. See you soon.


  1. Wow! what a mothers day how does the wifi printer work? does it reqire a wifi signal to be wireless or can you print without a signal Enjoyed our visit with you guys

  2. I was wondering what happened to you two. Good to hear you are staying busy. You have such cute grandkids they must really enjoy it when you arrive back home.

    Take Care