Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Lauren

Today is Lauren's 9th birthday. Wow...I am not sure where time goes. It just seems like yesterday my own children were this age and now I have grandchildren this age. But...understand, I am not getting any older. LOL

I hope you had a great are such a beautiful young lady and we are very proud of you.
Love, Moppa and Poppa


  1. Absolutely way no how are you getting older...that would mean I am getting older and we all know that is not the case...LOL

    I need some stuff from Mark..

    I think we are home all next week maybe we can come out and pick some up??

  2. Happy Birthday to Lauren. Wow, she is really pretty, just a matter of years before she is chasing the boys away. They sure do grow up fast.

  3. Getting older is better than the other alternative at least we are still above the ground. My that Lauern is growing and is such a cutie. Also very polite. Tell her we said Happy Birthday. Our Granddaughter will be 15 soon so you kanow how old that makes me.

  4. Happy Birthday, Lauren! We hope you've had a fun-filled day!

  5. Well getting older or younger you must have done something right to have such a beautiful granddaughter.