Friday, May 1, 2009

Cleaning Inside and Out

Boy, did we collect a lot of dust during our stay in Red Bay. But, when you are parked on a gravel parking lot with motor homes going up and down the road in front of you and up and down the road behind you what do you expect. But, when every thing turns white, it is time to clean.
So, having slept in to 7:00, taking a nice walk, and having breakfast, it was time to tackle the cleaning. I started inside at the front and worked myself all the way around and from top to bottom, and side to side, I cleaned cabinets, windows, the dash, and the furniture. Then out came the Pine Power for the floors and the Solution for the counter tops and the mirrors. The rugs went to the laundry, and the sheets were changed. Yeah, my house is clean once again. The only thing left to do is the window screens. And, that will have to be another day.
Now, while I was doing all of this, guess where Mark was. Three guesses and the first two don't count. Oh, you got it...outside with his Solution in one hand and his wax in the other. LOL
By the time all of this cleaning was done, it was well into the afternoon and first thing I knew Jim and Ellie were pulling around the corner. We said a quick hello, and then let them get set up, the visiting would come soon enough. As is the rule, on travel days, you don't cook. So, I had planned dinner for the four of us. We had pan grilled chicken, rice and hoppin john. Ellie did bring over some left over salad. I also made a cherry dessert. After dinner, Ellie helped me with the dishes and then while Mark and Jim continued to visit, Ellie and I took a quick walk. By the time we finished, Mark and Jim decided we would go find a little casino action. No jackpots to report here.
Tomorrow, we are going to show Jim and Ellie around the town and see if we can find some Memphis BBQ!

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