Monday, April 19, 2010

I Found Them

In my last blog I mentioned how much I love springtime in Texas and all the wildflowers.  So today we left Fort Worth on the first leg of our journey south.

We weren't down Hwy. 281 very far when we had to stop for

Hill Country 2010 003

these guys to make it across the road.

  It was about this time that we really begin to see the

Hill Country 2010 013

Bluebonnets in more than just small patches.  The further we drove the

Hill Country 2010 023

the more we saw.

We also came across this

Hill Country 2010 026

crazy yard art.

By this time, we were getting hungry and discovered that we were

Hill Country 2010 028

close to Llano, which means that we were close to

Hill Country 2010 029

Cooper's Barbeque, one of Mark's favorites.  I chose chicken and Mark chose brisket and we got some goat ribs to try.  Much to my disbelief, they were really good.  I would definitely get them again.

For those who have never been to a Cooper' chose your meat directly from the big smoke pit, then it is weighed inside.  Potato salad, coleslaw, and dessert are extra, but you can have all the beans you want, they are included in your meal.  Loaves of bread are already on the tables.

After a great lunch, it was time to get on towards our destination for the next couple of days...

Hill Country 2010 058

Fredericksburg.  We made our way down main street and on to

Hill Country 2010 062

the RV Park.  We set up without any trouble, grabbed jackets, and cameras and headed to the

Hill Country 2010 070

Wild Seed Farms.  Wow...we saw

Hill Country 2010 083

one red poppy...

Hill Country 2010 084

two red poppies...

Hill Country 2010 085 three red poppies...and then we saw

Hill Country 2010 099  a whole field of red poppies!

And fields of

Hill Country 2010 110

red and pink poppies and

Hill Country 2010 111

rows of yellow, while, and orange poppies!

But only in Texas will you find

Hill Country 2010 118

Red, White, and Blue bonnets!

Yes, today, I found the wildflowers I came in search of and enjoyed everyone of them.  It is definitely Spring time in Texas!


  1. Love the flowers. We enjoyed that area last year.
    Happy Trails.
    Glenn & Sylvia

  2. Wow lucky you guys about the only things that grow wild around here are dandylions lol

    Have fun and I am really enjoying your pictures

    Brenda Brown

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  4. Such beautiful flowers! Those poppies remind me of The Wizard of Oz!