Friday, April 30, 2010

Shifting Gears

This morning, we were up as usual.  Mark was reading blogs and watching TV.   I went out for my walk and about half way through, I felt the need to stop back by the motor home regarding an adjusted plan for the day.

And, the discussion was something like this...Mark said...the weather channel has indicated that tomorrow could be a stormy day across the, that being our planned travel day caused our brains to  quickly go into overdrive.  We went back and forth for a little while and finally decided that we should pack up and head on out to Red Bay today ahead of any storms.

You see...this girl takes after her mom...and we don't travel in stormy weather!

However, first things first...I needed to finish my walk. So, begin to take care of some outside jobs and hook up the Jeep.  Upon my return...I took care of the inside.  All that was left was to check out and get hugs from Kevin and Arlene.

I was really sorry we had to leave early as we were so looking forward to a great crab feast tonight, but it was best for us get ahead of any weather.  Kevin, keep winning because I am holding you to your deal at some future date. LOL

The trip route north from the coast of Mississippi was a new way one for us and was a nice drive.

We arrived in Red Bay around 4:30 this afternoon and were pleasantly surprised to find there was room in the campground.  So we settled into our site, which is #3 and on the pavement!  Yeah, no mud.

After setting up, we decided we would go for dinner...and our choice was Swamp John's.  The catfish was delicious as always with a baked potato and a side salad.

We were back to the camp ground in time for a nice evening walk.

Now, as I write this blog...the weather channel is showing all the severe weather that is developing to the west across Arkansas...and all the rain that is coming for the weekend.  Now, we are not looking forward to severe weather, but...we are glad we chose to shift gears and at least we won't have to travel through it.


  1. So glad you got there safely. I don't blame you for wanting to get ahead of the storm.
    We missed you at dinner tonight. It was wonderful. Hopefully you can catch Kevin on another winning streak some day and take him up on his offer...
    Good luck in Red Bay.

  2. We are doing a happy dance that you got a site on the old runway. The bad weather would have made our site from two weeks ago into white rock, mud soup. We were on 67 right across from door 47 on the South end of the big repair building. The night we left, the camp host said they had 171 rigs registered, and there were more in the back parking lot that hadn't bothered to check in, since it was so full. Without an appointment, the wait was over three weeks!
    We were glad we were done.