Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Mission in Mission...

After spending two wonderful days in Fredericksburg, we were up yesterday and ready to get on with our mission.

It was a

Hill Country 2010 010

foggy morning as we headed out, but soon the fog gave way enough for us to enjoy

Hill Country 2010 009

the pretty flowers and

Hill Country 2010 012

the highways through the Hill Country.  We then made our way right on through and around

Hill Country 2010 018

San Antonio to the less crowed Hwy 281 where once again we could enjoy more

Hill Country 2010 023

wildflowers.  By early afternoon we were in Edinburg, Texas where we stopped for fuel.  Diesel was $3.03....summer is on it's way.

Once we were fueled up, it was on to our destination in Mission.  Once we reached Retama, we parked on

Hill Country 2010 038

our newly purchased lot.

  From when we were here in January and February, it was nice to see all

Hill Country 2010 039

the flowers in bloom and the grass so green.

Before we knew it, it was time to head to the Clubhouse for Pizza with several other couples.  After dinner Sarah and Richard joined us at our motor home for a great visit and to make a plan for what we needed to accomplish in the next few days.

Today started leisurely...Mark was out and about washing the Jeep and the front of the motor home while I did a little inside cleaning.

While we were waiting for time to go to the attorney's office, we decided to discuss our plan for the coach house.

It already has a full sized

Retmama Lot 002

washer and dryer....

Retmama Lot 005

ceiling fan, a/c unit, some shelving, and lawn furniture.


Retmama Lot 004

bathroom is complete and the whole coach house has this

Retmama Lot 008

nice tile floor.

There are a few things that Mark and I want to change or do a little different, or just spruce up...but all those projects will have to wait until we return later this year.

  But, for now, we needed to get on with today's plan.

We grabbed a bite of lunch,  jumped in the Jeep, stopped for a brief visit with Jack and Danielle, picked up Richard and Sarah, and headed out on our day's missions.  First, was the lawyer's office...paper's signed, sealed, and delivered!  Then, it was off to the tax office and the water department.

After taking care of most of the items on our today's list, we decided we were hungry...and with that we also decided that the rest of our business could wait until tomorrow!

So....our mission in Mission be continued....


  1. Looks nice.. Congrats. I bet you will have it looking real cute!

  2. Looking good Sandy and I are excited for you guys who knows wemight get down that way to visit

  3. Congratulations on your new place! It looks terrific! You have a great looking lot and the coach house looks very nice also with all that tile.

    We'll be interested to see what happens with the mission....

  4. Congrats Moppah and Mark it is beautiful and would love to spend some time there. I just have to talk JB out of dry docking and spend some of his cash lol.

    take good Care
    Brenda Brown

  5. Retama is a beautiful RV Park...Congratulations!!! Nice riding along with you.. I just found your Blog. Travel safe!!

  6. Congratulations!! What a beautiful place!! I know you all will really enjoy it and make wonderful memories. :)

    Have fun!

    Mike & Gerri (