Saturday, April 17, 2010

Looking Forward...

We always enjoy being in Fort Worth with family, but we are always ready to get back on the road to continue our great journey.  And, that time is here.

One of the things I enjoy most about Spring are the beautiful

Rockport 2010 045

wildflowers that bloom along the highways.  So, on Monday, we are going to make our way down through the Texas Hill Country to Fredericksburg where we are planning to spend a couple of days.

From the Hill Country, we will head to

Winter at Retama 074

Retama Village in South Texas where we stayed this winter.

Since leaving there, we have discussed what a great place it was and how much we enjoyed the facilities and meeting so many great people.  And, after being away from there and after much discussion...yes, no, maybe, should we, should we not, why would we want to...we have decided to purchase one of the RV lots in Retama Village.

So, with that decision being made, we will be closing on the property next week and spending a few days with Sarah and Richard, the current property owners.  We are both pleased with our decision and look forward to using it...sharing fun times with both friends and family.

After taking care of business and enjoying the

Winter at Retama 077

pool for a few days, we will be making our way across Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi to Red Bay, Alabama.

Once we have settled into Camp Red Bay, we will again attempt to have Tiffin fix our front a/c unit before the warranty is out.  In addition, I want a little cabinet work done...adding a shelf here and a shelf there, plus I would like to have some inside step covers made.  And, then, when we have had enough time at Camp Red Bay, we will make our back to Texas.  By this time it will be time to get on with summer plans...and

This summer our plans start on June 1...we will be taking Caden and Koutney to the Yogi Bear Lone Star Park in Waller, Texas.  This will be their summer trip, only a one week trip, but for two year olds they will think they have been on a big trip.  We will return them to Fort Worth and have about a week or so to re-group, and be ready for the next trip with Andrew, Lauren, and Zachary.

We are planning to go Northeast with the highlight being The Statue of Liberty, but these plans are in jello right now.   These three have traveled with us every summer for most of their whole life and I promise that wherever we go with them will be a great time and not soon forgotten.

Looking on down the road...we have reservations to attend Nick's Rally in Elkhart, Indiana the end of August and the Escapade Rally in Goshen, Indiana in September.  After which, all plans are in the planning stages and will fall into place as that time rolls around.

In this lifestyle, it is great to be able to take one day at a time and plan and re-plan, but it is nice when that plan falls into place and we watch it unfold.  And, as always, we hope we get to meet up with those we know, and look forward to meeting those that God has yet allowed to cross our path.

See you in a campground soon!


  1. Congratulations on the Retama Village property! We looked two years ago, but have since been going to Arizona. We are in Camp Red Bay as I write this comment. It has been a zoo here with folks in overflow almost every night. Hopefully it will thin out by the time you arrive. Nothing has changed here since your last visit, except that it may be even more dusty! LOL
    Rod and Loyce

  2. Wow, you sure have been busy with plans.... Congrats and good luck with Retama. I know you enjoyed it there!
    Looks like we will just miss you at the Yogi park. We leave here May 29th for Florida. Will be at Topsail for May and June..
    Safe travels.

  3. Congrats on the decision to purchase a lot at Retama. Maybe we someday can get down for a visit or rent when you guys are in another place. Your trip upcoming sounds great wish we were tagging along.

  4. Congats on your lot purchase! If we don't cross paths at Betty's then maybe at Nick's rally or Escapade. Hugs, C

  5. Congratulations on our new site at Retama Village! That sounds just wonderful.
    You all have lots of great plans. Sounds like you will be busy making super memories with those sweet "grands."
    Hope to meet you guys one day soon!

    Mike & Gerri (

  6. WOW!! That's big news - buying an RV lot. Sounds so permanent. :) Retama looks very lovely. Maybe one day we'll visit you.

    Take care. Hope we see you this summer.

  7. You guys are going to have one busy summer--your new spot in Texas sounds great. Hope at some time we hook up again.

  8. Sarah & Richard really like this! Can't wait to see you on Wednesday. Have some more BBQ for us -- go to Fritze's in Boerne. Finger-licking good BBQ at a small family-owned place. Good service; good folks.