Thursday, November 18, 2010

Looking Ahead…

Wow…this week has flown by.

After working so hard on the coach house, we finally have had time to just hang out.  The weather has been beautiful in the RGV this week.  We have enjoyed walks in the park, dips in the pool, pizza on the patio, visits with friends.  And, a special treat this morning was breakfast with the girls  at the Courtyard Cafe.  Afterwards, Pat, Linda, and I, decided we needed a nail appointment and a much needed pedicure. Wow, the week is almost gone.

And, now just as more and more folks arrive in the RGV, and our streets here at Retama begin to fill up, it has come time for us to hook up, and head North.

As, we look ahead…our travel plan will first take us to the Yogi Bear Park in Waller, Texas, where we plan to enjoy a couple of days with Kourtney and Caden…then it will be on to Fort Worth…where the pace will pick up.

Not only are we looking forward to time with family…we are also excited about spending a few days catching up with Rod and Deb and John and Brenda. We are also hoping that Joe and Sherri and maybe even Weldon and Sandy will be able to join us as well.  Gosh, this could be the making of a party!

So, for now, as this week draws to a close and we look forward, we invite you to travel with us and stayed tuned…for I am sure in the weeks ahead...there is an adventure in the making!

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  1. You are going to be a very busy lady in the weeks to come with Christmas and all. It is to bad we weren't able to visit at your place in RGV.

    See you soon