Thursday, November 4, 2010

Work and Play

Even though it has been fun kind of work, we have had a project almost everyday since we arrived here at Retama.  So, with the painting finished and most of the furniture shopping done, we decided to take a day off.

Yesterday, Mark and I returned a couple of items back to Lowes and then headed back to Retema in time for me to meet up with Sarah.  She and I had planned a girl’s day out.  Mark and Richard hung out here at the park.

Sarah called when she returned from her dental appointment and I picked her up at her house. Since it was already noontime, we decided lunch was first on our agenda.  We chose Sahadi Cafe, a great Mediterranean restaurant in McAllen.  It was my first trip, but it certainly won’t be my last.  The food was outstanding.

Sarah and I shared fresh hummus and pita bread as an appetizer.  I then chose a Greek salad and blackened chicken for my entree.  Sarah had a Gyro Wrap.  We shared a small piece of Baklava for dessert.  After lunch we took a quick stroll through the specialty market which also belongs to the restaurant.  That too merits a return trip.

After a great lunch, we decided to treat ourselves to pedicures and then a trip to Target and Office Depot.  We made our way home in time for Richard and Mark to help us unload our purchases of the day.  It was a treat to take the day off!

Sometime during the night the winds decided to pick up a little bringing in a little cooler temps for today.  However, that didn’t stop Mark and I from getting out and about and back on track with our projects.  Today we were heading to Best Buy for


a new TV.  We tried it on the table I had already purchased, but it just wasn’t working out like we thought.  So, we made another trip into town.  We were able to find a great little TV stand.  However, it came in


this little box with a zillion parts, nuts, bolts, and screws.  Thank goodness the instruction book was easy to follow and soon Mark had


it all together and looking great.


Tonight as I write this blog, we are enjoying TV in the coach house.  We have a digital antenna, which picks up most of the local channels.  Hopefully tomorrow the Direct TV Serviceman will be here to get the satellite set up.

We have accomplished a lot in the last ten days and most everything is working out as we planned.  We still have several projects to complete before we head back to Fort Worth for the holidays.  I am ready for the big projects to be finished, as I am anxious to start working on a few decorations.  But, most of all we are ready for the work to be behind us, so we can get busy working on the the fun activities…

Men’s breakfast and Ladies Luncheons…Community Cookout’s and Saturday morning pancakes…Chick Flick’s on Monday nights and a card game or two.  And, to counteract all those eating activities, there is walking and water aerobics, and the afternoon swim group.

So, as we continue to enjoy our work and play, we hope you are enjoying this day that the Lord has made!


  1. You're just having too much fun without us! Miss you guys terribly!!!

  2. Well, you are keeping busy as usual! Glad the projects are coming along so well. We know you're looking forward to spending the holidays with the family, it will be a fun time, for sure.

    Hugs to you both!

  3. So glad to see Retama has turned out to be a good fit for you. Enjoy!