Monday, November 8, 2010

Warm Leisure Days

After getting that extra hours sleep on Saturday night, we were awakened yesterday by the sunshine coming in the windows just a tab bit earlier than we were use to.  We were thankful for the warm sunshine and the promise of a beautiful day.

    After breakfast, we headed into town for worship services at First Baptist in McAllen. Afterwards, we treated ourselves to lunch at Furr’s Fresh Market Buffet.  We also made a stop by Ashley Furniture, where they were having a sale on rugs.

I found one that I liked just as well as the one I took back, so we loaded it up and


brought it home.  It works!

I also found a cute new


door mat.

We then settled in to watch a little Sunday afternoon football.  Or, maybe, I should say try to watch the football games.  The Direct TV box that we put in the coach house is an old standard box that we have been using for the extra box in the bedroom of the motor home.  We knew that we would have to upgrade it at some point.  Today, we were made aware of that very thought, because…guess what…no NFL package channels worked.  So, we brought in back in to the motor home…still no 700 channels.

Not good…so, I phoned Direct TV, and let me just say this…after 3 phone calls, ordering two new boxes, trying to explain mobile east/west service, and the difference between a billing address and a delivery address, I was exhausted.  However, bottom line…I learned that there is nothing really wrong with the little old box other than it is just old and it takes an HD receiver box to get the 700 channels.

The new boxes are supposed to be delivered tomorrow to us here in Mission and not to the billing address in Fort Worth.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that they have it straight.  If all goes well, by next Sunday afternoon, Mark should be able to watch his afternoon football games in the coach house.

Then, gosh, before I knew it, I looked up and even though it was only 5:30, it was totally dark outside.  Who turned off the sunshine?  Okay, I am already ready for daylight savings time to come back.  I am not a real morning person, so I would rather have that extra hour of light in the afternoon.  Oh, well, it will be back in the Spring, but, for now I will have to start enjoying the mornings a little more.

This morning, once again the warm sunshine was coming trough the windows and we were up to start enjoying it.  There was no real plan for the day, so, after breakfast, I started the laundry. Mark decided to assemble our little


fire pit.

  We have been carrying it around with us for quite some time now.  We just never got to use it, as there was either no wood…or no fires allowed. So, we are hoping to make good use of it here and enjoy some nice evening fires.

I had also started a Wal Mart list…and first thing I knew, Mark had the keys and we were headed into town.  We also made a dry run by the Rooms To Go warehouse to make sure we know where to go on Wednesday to pick up the chairs.

We were back home in time to enjoy the warm afternoon temperatures…so, along with several others, we make a trip to the pool and hot tub which ended another beautiful day in the RGV.


  1. I just love to hate Direct TV, but I doubt the competition would be any better.

  2. I just love that above ground firepit. We see a lot of campers travel with them.

  3. Things are really shaping up and looking great! Love the new carpet and the wall art.

    Yep, DirecTV tries the very soul now doesn't it??