Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yeah…An Extra Hour

For now, and until we get the coach house finished all of our days are about the same…and that is…what project is on the agenda for today.

We purchased an indoor antenna for the TV so we could pick up the local channels.  Good idea, but, it didn’t work quit like we thought it should.  We could pick up all the major channels except for for ABC…of course, that is the one we watch the most.  Go figure.  So, we made a run in to town to Best Buy to discuss the other possibilities.  The young man that helped us said basically it should work, however, we found that we are located just beyond what is the range of the antenna.  Now, we could get a really long range antenna…of course at a much higher cost, or we can go to an outdoor antenna.  After a little discussion, we decided to just return the antenna, pocket the money, and research the outdoor antenna a little more.

We made a few more stops including Sam’s.  I think that was planned because we arrived just in time for lunch.   A polish hot dog is one of Mark’s favorite lunches. So lunch it was before returning to the park for the rest of the day.

Yesterday, Friday…Mark went to breakfast with several of the guys.  I took advantage of his morning out and about and did the laundry and a little house cleaning.

Here is my cleaning tip of the day:  I found Rain X Cleaner (a paste) works great on the shower doors.  And, then I was recently was introduced to a daily shower spray, Method…a Target product.  It is working great as well.

I had just finished with my cleaning and preparing my grocery list when Mark returned.  Gosh, they have been gone so long, I thought they might have been staying on until lunch. LOL

Now, my turn to head out.  I was off to get my nails done and do the grocery shopping.  That was okay with him, as he was waiting for Direct TV to come to install the dish for the coach house.  We decided this would be our best option for the coach house.  We can use the extra box from the motor home.

They were just finishing when I returned.  So, while Mark finished up with them, I put away the groceries and prepared a Carmel Apple Salad for the community cookout.

We soon gathered our chicken for grilling and our dish to share and headed to the clubhouse.

Several had


already begin to gather.



the grill was ready and the side dishes were just waiting.  There were baked potatoes, grilled potatoes, corn casserole, roasted vegetables, apple salad, homemade donut holes and carrot cake.  The food was all yummy and


fellowship was priceless.

I stopped on the way back to the motor home to admire this


pretty rose.

Again, this morning, Saturday…Mark was up early and headed to the clubhouse for the first Saturday morning breakfast where he was helping several of the other guys do the cooking.  The menu this morning was brats, eggs, potatoes and biscuits…coffee and juice.  A great breakfast for $4. I opted to stay much food for me.

Mark’s cooking tip for the day…the biscuits were made with BIsquick, Sprite, and sour cream.  He said they were really good.

By mid morning, I had finished the ironing and was ready to start on my projects for the day.  Today’s plan…wall decorations.



I applied some wall words…I am still looking for something to go under the words.

Next, I moved to the other wall and worked on a


picture collage.   Now, I just have to go through all my pictures and pick out what I want to go in each frame.

Mark worked on hanging the


dragon fly and watching football.

Then, I decided that I didn’t really like the rug I had purchased.  The stripes were not sewn straight and it really bothered me.  So, we rolled it up and returned it to Lowe’s.  I didn’t see another one that I liked, so I guess I will be back to rug shopping.  Maybe I will wait until after the chairs come this week.

Tonight, we enjoyed our first meal in the coach house while watching our Texas Aggies win over OU.  Way to go…Gig Em’ Aggies!

Gosh, after all we have done for the last few days, I am glad that we get an extra hour out of this day.  I sure needed it and look forward to that extra hour of sleep tonight.


  1. What's not to like with what you've done with the Casita! Tasteful to the extreme! BTW, we mentioned you in our latest blog entry:

  2. You sure have been busy. Love all you are doing. Looks like you will be busy this winter with all the goings on there....

  3. The walls look great! Sure can see your artistic talents in all of it. Seems like you're settling in well at Retama.:)

  4. Love love love the picture wall. See you in a month or so.

  5. Sounds like you all have been busy. Love the new place! Looks great!