Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Weekend…

We woke yesterday to our first taste of fall weather.  It certainly wasn’t cold, but there was a chill in the air as we walked to the club house for Saturday morning coffee and chat.  Becky made pancakes and Mary Catherine made apple fritters.  We all sat and visited and as usual…with a bunch of  RV folks, there were more conversations and topics going on than you could keep up with.  Mark and I talked  with Ken and Fran, who are visiting here at Retama and may be prospective owners.  They are also Phaeton owners, so we shared some good Camp Red Bay stories.

As the coffee and chat session begin to break up, Mary Catherine, Becky, and I cleaned up the kitchen and got in some good girl talk.

Mark and I then decided to head out for a few errands.  I had a list of supplies I needed and I wanted to do a little window shopping for our last piece of furniture.  I also wanted to make a stop at Hobby Lobby where I had seen this


cute basket vase.  Yep…that is just what I was looking for.

Then there was the stop at Target for those needed supplies.  After all this shopping, Mark was saying, “feed me”, so we decided on Chinese.

Now, for that last piece of furniture…which needs to be something to hold the microwave and coffee maker.  Also, want to consider a little storage.  I know in my mind what I want, but the thing that is holding me back is that I only have about 32” of wall space to work with.  Almost every server we looked at was a minimum of 40-42” and the regular microwave stands we looked at were just that.  So, now, it was time for me to start thinking outside the box…I will have to sleep on that.

This morning, the chill was still in the air and we had just a few sprinkles of rain, but there was a promise a nice day on the way.  And, sure enough by the time we got out of church, the sun was out and we were on our way to a beautiful afternoon.

I slept on that furniture idea and had a couple of places I wanted to look.  The first one was Lack’s Clearance Center in Pharr, but they didn’t open until 1:00.  Good deal, we have just enough time to stop at Jason’s Deli for soup and salad.  Yummy…one of my favorite spots and I certainly can think better on a full stomach.  It was off to Lack’s, but they didn’t have anything to offer.  Next, stop was at Oak Expressions…they had lots of pieces to choose from and several options…some I really really liked, but they were just to big…some I didn’t like…looked too much like a chest or something that belonged in a bedroom.

As I am walking around, thinking outside the box…I spotted a big computer cabinet, desk, bookshelf unit.  As I looked at it, I realized that it was lots of different mix and match pieces…so, I mixed and matched, it was working…so


we brought it home with us.

I spent the rest of the afternoon, cleaning out a few extra dishes that we had collected in the motor home and put them here in the new cabinet.  We will bring the microwave from the storage barn in Fort Worth.

With the addition of the cabinet, we have just about finished the big projects.  When we return after the holidays, we will work on getting the cabinet unit made for


the washer/dryer corner.

That just about wraps up our weekend, and, as a new week dawns, we look forward to warmer days, laid back days, and time with friends.


  1. Must not be too chilly down there, as I see Mark still has his shorts on! We haven't worn those for over a Month LOL!

  2. Lookin' good guys! Glad you're enjoying your home away from home!

  3. Your place really looks lovely, Dortha. When I get better, we will be sure to come see it.