Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Big Jeep Trip...

We didn't have a real plan for the day, so, we were sort of slow getting started this morning.  Mark was off visiting with Jack and Danielle in the office about next summer, while I was trying to put myself together.  When he returned, we talked about a few plans, put some drinks in the cooler, bagged up some snacks and fruit, grabbed the cameras, took the roof off the jeep. and


headed out.  We decided to check out the


Florissant Fossil Beds, which is in the National Park system, so, I collected one more stamp for my book.

We saw not only the remains of


giant redwoods, but,


an old settlement, complete with


a root cellar.  Glad, I keep my potatoes in the house!

After we wandered up and down lots of trails, we decided to head on down the road.  Soon, I snapped a photo of the


sky, laughed, and can't ever trust a dark cloud in the mountains...

Next thing we knew, it was raining big rain drops...remember the roof we took off earlier!  Okay, have you ever tried to find a place to pull off the side of a mountain road...finally, we found a small pull-out with a tree.  We got the top back on, laughed and said, gosh, we needed our umbrellas!

We certainly didn't let a little rain spoil our day.  We headed on into Cripple Creek and on to


Victor, where we picked up the


Phantom Canyon Road.  We didn't have to wonder if we were going the wrong way because it

DSC_0121 .

was the only road on the navigation system.

What a great time we had.  We saw lots of


deer, most were camera shy and ran before I could get their picture.



rocks in the canyon were awesome.

We stopped


all along the way, to read about the area.

This road is one of the most scenic and historic drives in Colorado. The route increases in elevation from 5,500 to 9,500 feet and offers the chance to see a wide range of plants and wildlife in their natural setting.

The gravel road follows the route of the Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad built in 1894 as a connection from Florence to the goldfields of Cripple Creek and Victor.

The unique bridges and tunnels offer a visual link to the area's historic past.

The road condition and narrow bridges encourage people to slow down and view the scenery.

Twelve stations were established along the F&CC Railroad grade to service the trains hauling coal and supplies upgrade and gold ore downgrade to Florence's smelters.

All day we continued to be amazed by another






or turn of the road.

And, then there were times that we were just thankful for


the, and, by mid-afternoon, we made it on into Canon City.

We really intended to go back to Cripple Creek by way of another Jeep road, but, missed the turn in Canon City.  We didn't want to turn around, so we ended up traveling on The High Road.  It was a good road and paved!  We reached Cripple Creek in time for a yummy dinner at Ruby Tuesday's and even had time to play a few pennies at the Wildwood Casino before time to head towards Woodland Park.

Yes, it was a big Jeep day, and I look forward to the next one...

right after I pack my umbrella!

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  1. Big day indeed... and looked fun! Great photos and get story.
    Have fun