Thursday, August 25, 2011

Escapade - Day 1

Today was our scheduled arrival day at the Cam-Plex.  Along with Dave, Ann, Harold and Ruthann, we were ready to move across the road by 7:45 this morning.

We were not the first to arrive, so


we waited until it was our turn to


be parked.

Once, we were settled in and set up, the six of us headed off to Spirit Hall for


official hugs and to pick up our staff packets.  Afterwards, the guys were off to pick up the radios and the golf carts before our 10:30 meeting.

Then we needed to work in lunch and a 1:00 meeting.  Afterwards, we took a little tour around the parking lot to check out some plans for tomorrow before we needed to return


for an all staff meeting in the afternoon.

Kiwi is the color this year, so we found these


great shirts for our team to wear.

After the staff meeting, we attended a


Welcome/Happy Hour where we visited with lots of old friends.  A great, but busy first day.

Now, for a good night's sleep, for tomorrow is a real work day, and we will be at our post in the parking lot at 7:45 am.  We will be ready for the first of the early bird attendees that will be as anxious to get here as we were this morning!


  1. Love Rallies... Hope you guys have a grand time!!!
    Have fun

  2. have a great the shirts!..great colour!!!