Friday, August 12, 2011


Being at home in Texas all summer has been hot and hotter but, fun.  We have had lots of good visits with family, the arrival of a new granddaughter, and, of course, the summer motor home trips with the grandkids.

This last week has been especially busy.  A few last minute appointments for both Mark and I.  And, then there was lots of babysitting, while Karen was at school preparing her classroom for the fast approaching school year.  I also painted a


wall hanging for Kinley's room that Karen and I have been talking about all summer.  But, I work better under pressure, so there was no real hurry to start it before last week...LOL

And, then, before we could turn around, last week was gone, and, it was Today... the day we have looked forward to since this time last year... our journey toward the 2011 Escapades Rally in Gillette, Wyoming.

Our day started at 5:30am with a trip to the hospital, where Scott, our oldest son, was having a scheduled shoulder surgery.  It took the doctors a little over 2 hours to repair and clean up lots of damage in his right shoulder.  They had to place 2 anchors in his bicep muscle, 2 more anchors went into his rotator cuff, and several bone spurs were removed.  The surgery went well, but, his recovery will be slow and painful.  His arm has been completely immobilized for 3 weeks followed by another 3 weeks of movement only by the physical therapist.  He is home and Jennifer is keeping the pain meds flowing.  With them settled in...

We were back to the house and ready to finish the last minute "make ready to travel" list.

While Mark was making sure all the


new tow equipment was working properly, I made sure all was ready inside.

Then came the hardest part of leaving for me, the hugs and kisses from all those little folks.



Kourtney and



Caden start pre-school next week.  Wow, not sure where the last four years have gone.  Hope you two have a great first year of school.



Kinley is 3 months old today and is growing like a weed.  I can't imagine how much she will change by the time we get back to Texas in October.



Zachary, Lauren, and Andrew start back to school in another week and will be in the 5th, 6th, and 8th grades.  Can't believe they are growing up so fast.

Well, with all the hugs and phone calls made, it was time to head out.  Our travels today took us north out of Fort Worth to 287 and on to Amarillo where we have stopped for the night.

  Other than a few rest stops and a giant


West Texas Red Dirt Devil, our travels today were uneventful.  We are blessed and thankful for today and looking forward to a great new adventure.


  1. I am having trouble posting on your site???

  2. It is so hard to say goodbye each time... The kids are adorable and Kinley is just beautful! My grandsons start kindergarten this year... twins are double trouble. LOL
    Have fun & Travel safe