Thursday, August 18, 2011

Old Friends/New Friends

We have been having so much fun this week in Woodland Park and all the surrounding area.  So, much fun in fact, that this morning, I decided I needed to catch up on the laundry while Mark was off at the car wash.  While we were in the chore mode, we decided we better take a look ahead at some future plans and appointments that needed to be booked on the calendar.

Enough work, so after lunch, we decided that we had plenty of time to get out and run some errands before time to head to


Mountaindale RV Park which is about 30 miles south of Woodland Park.  This is where Jesse, Ginger, Ed, Marilyn, and Tony and Jackie are staying.

  We were excited about spending the evening with them.  Other than chatting on Facebook and sharing blogs, we hadn't officially met Tony and Jackie and were certainly looking forward to that.  We were to meet at Tony and Jackie's and when Ginger got off work, we were going out to dinner.  However, when we arrived Tony had decided that it would be more fun to just


hang out at their place and visit.  Ed and Marilyn came for Happy Hour time and a short visit.  They already had already eaten and had plans for the evening.



grilled an awesome dinner for all of us.  Ginger and Jackie made the sides.  What a great surprise and treat.  Thanks to you all for a great evening.

We have been so blessed to have made so many friends over the years and through this great lifestyle, and tonight, we added two more wonderful folks to that list!  Tony and Jackie, we can't wait until our paths cross again!!


  1. Hi Mark and Dortha!..have just joined your blog..will ride along for a while!..nice looking food on the grill..are those peaches???

  2. I wanted to know too what were the orange things on that grill. Dinner looked wonderful