Saturday, August 27, 2011

Escapades...Moving In

The last couple of days have been full to say the least, and our

Customer Service Team

Customer Service Team has been busy from early morning to late afternoon.

Yesterday, we were up and ready to greet the


hundreds of RV's that are arriving here in Gillette.

The Parking Team are the first greeters, and our job is to take care of


ones that have an incomplete or incorrect set of registration papers.  Or, maybe, they know they are going to have so much fun, they just wanted to arrive early or stay longer.  In that case, we collect an additional fee and send them on their way.

Now, while Ruthann, Ann, and myself are busy taking care of these folks, our guys are always


solving their own set of problems.

Yesterday, after all the RVs were parked for the day, it was time for us to make our way to the Wyoming Center for staff meeting and


a practice run for the registration team.  They did a great job and will be ready for the general attendees.  Then it was on to the staff dinner where we were served a really great meal.  We also got in lots of visiting.

A good day!

This morning, we were up and back on the job by 7:45.  Bob


Miller, head of parking, stopped by to make sure we were ready, and the RV's lined up were certainly ready for us to get things started.

Again, today, we processed and parked a few hundred rigs.

The early arrivals were able to start the registration process this afternoon and the market venders opened after lunch.

Tomorrow, we will be back on the job as the last of the RVs arrive. Registration will be completed, and by mid afternoon, Escapades 2011, will officially be underway.


  1. U guys really appear organized tho!! Have fun!

  2. have a great time..don't work too hard!!! day we will be there too!!

  3. I love to volunteer at rallies ~ the only thing I don't like is getting up early! LOL
    Have fun

  4. Escapades is the biggest Escapees Club Rally?

  5. Heard on the news this morning that Trader Joe's is coming to Camp Bowie in FW! Never been, but I hear yall talk about it! I see Karen doing a lot of shipping to you soon!

    Jeremy Kinder

  6. U guys really appear organized tho!! Have fun!