Sunday, June 7, 2009

Congratulations To Andrew

Friday was not only the last day of school, but it was a big day for Andrew.  He finished his last day in elementary school and is now headed to the sixth grade.  So, of course, Pop and I were there to help him celebrate this great achievement in his young life.

Andrew 011 This was the table decorations…

Andrew 045

The Fifth Grade Class of 2009 Andrew 038

  Andrew telling his favorite memory of fifth grade…”winning tug of war at field day was his answer”

Andrew 039

Andrew receiving his certificate from his principal and vice principal

Andrew 050

Andrew and his best friend….Sam

Andrew 004

And then there was cake and punch to celebrate this great day.

Andrew…Pop and I are so proud of you.  You are growing into quite a young man.  Your hard work in school has really paid off for you.  And, the best is yet to come.  Enjoy your summer!


  1. Congratulations Andrew on a job well done!

    Stay Safe

  2. HI Dortha conrats to your grandson. I just wanted to say I love you daily devotional today. I have been caring for my brothers needs for a few years now and have been critizised many times for it. I am not one to walk away from someone that can't take care of themselves he is in a wheel chair. I was thankful to read that today.

    Miss you Brenda

  3. Mark and Dortha,
    What fun to see your grandkids grow up!
    For now we will have to enjoy our friends kids and our grand nephews and nieces.

    I wanted to mention I met a guy at Lake Fairfax who used The Solution so I decided I needed to get some soon. The 450 mile drive from Fairfax to Maynardville TN got the coach quite dirty...

    I enjoy your blog and will look forward to meeting you all soon.

    We will be in Fort Worth seeing Brad and Sue in 2 weeks. Maybe we can meet then?

    Randy and Pam