Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Day At The RV Park

Everyone had their own agenda today and we just hung out at the RV Park.  Mark and Caden were up and out early after breakfast.  Then I talked them into going to do the laundry while I cleaned up in the motor home.  While doing so, I watched a couple of different church services via the TV from around the country and just had a quite morning.

Jim was off to do their laundry while Ellie was busy in her motor home baking yummy chocolate muffins.  When Jim returned home, he announced that he was going to wash the motor home.  That task would take up pretty much of the rest of the day.

Today was my day to cook dinner.  We had stuffed pasta shells and salad.

Since there was no real adventure today I thought I would share some pictures of the RV Park here in Custer.  This is a great place and I would recommend it to anyone coming to this area.

When you turn on Flynn Creek off of Sidney Park you seeSouth Dakota 2009 036 this welcome sign.  Then you proceed on down to

South Dakota 2009 032 office where you will be greeted by Larry, Geri, and Cocoa.  Here Caden is trying to get Cocoa to pay a little attention to him.

Larry will direct you to

South Dakota 2009 021 your RV site.  And, if you are lucky to be on the front row like us, you have

South Dakota 2009 020 this great view out your front window!

If you have horses, you would be directed to the upper part of the park where you will be camped closer

South Dakota 2009 034 to where your horse is boarded.

If you don’t have a camper, trailer, or motor home you can staySouth Dakota 2009 017 in the bunkhouse, orSouth Dakota 2009 033 there are a couple of these little trailers around the park.

Now, entertainment around here includesSouth Dakota 2009 007 getting acquainted with Bobo and Jazz, Jim and Ellie dogs.  Or, you canSouth Dakota 2009 012 talk Poppa into playing soccer with you.  And, then there is alwaysSouth Dakota 2009 015 a dip in the pool….that is if you bring your own with you!

You canSouth Dakota 2009 024swing at the playground orSouth Dakota 2009 019  go for a walk.  Just be sure you always remember toSouth Dakota 2009 001 wear your hat.

I hope you enjoyed your tour around the park.   Remember if you are ever in Custer, SD, this is a great place to stay, and tell Larry, Caden recommended it to you!


  1. Hello BIRTHDAY GIRL! Sherri and I pulled your journal up first to see what you are doing on your day. We are moving today to Lake Tawakoni to finish up our electric. We hope that you have a great day and many more to come.

    Your Pals

    Joe and Sherri

  2. It's your birthday??? Yesterday or today? Well, doesn't matter. Happy, happy birthday!! I hope you have/had a wonderful celebration. Wish I could be there to toast you. BIG hugs!

  3. Your grandson looks likes he's having a blast! Future Full-timer I'm sure :-) ... And Happy Birthday!!