Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kansas to South Dakota

Today, Mark, Caden, and I were up early and ready to hit the road for another day of travel.  We made it all the way to Garden City, Kansas last night where we spent the night at RJ’s RV Park.  It was a little tight, but okay for an overnight stay.  Today we wanted to make it all the way to Custer, South Dakota. South Dakota 2009 007 Looks like we might have a new driver today.

However, Poppa moved him over to the passenger seat and we were on our way.  After a fuel stop, we made our way north through Kansas to I-70 were we then headed West to Colorado.  Then we headed back north through Colorado and after a while we were in Nebraska.  Next thing I know… South Dakota 2009 044 We have made it all the way to South Dakota.  Yeah!

It has been a long day and Caden did great again today.  He is quite a traveler.  He stayed entertained watching out the window.  He saw

South Dakota 2009 010 trains that pulled cars and

South Dakota 2009 009 trains that pushed cars.

He sawSouth Dakota 2009 015 tractors plowing fields and

South Dakota 2009 027 tractors working on roads.

Then finally we found what we came to see…

South Dakota 2009 044 the mountains, and

South Dakota 2009 037 the buffalo.

We made it to Broken Arrow Campground around 4:30 this afternoon.  Jim and Ellie were sitting on the porch waiting for us.  We actually arrived a day early so we had to park in a temporary site for tonight and then we will move tomorrow to our assigned site.   We just did the basics like plug in the electric and hook up the water.  Since we will have to pull in the slides in order to move, I didn’t do much to the inside.  Once that was done we joined Jim and Ellie on the porch enjoying the last of the afternoon sun.  They had dinner plans already under way.  Ellie made a pasta salad and Jim grilled yummy hamburgers.  Thanks guys, it was great.

Ellie and I commented how nice it will be to get back to planning and sharing meals.  After dinner Ellie and I walked around the park with Caden.  I didn’t take my camera along, so tomorrow, I will try to have some pictures of the campground to share.

Tomorrow, after we move to our other site, the cleaning has to start.  I don’t believe I have ever seen this motor home as dirty as it is right now.  And, believe me when I say I don’t think there is a bug left from Texas to South Dakota because they are all on the front of our motor home.  In addition to cleaning both inside and out, we picked up a couple of rock dings in the front windshield.  Larry, the campground owner has already given Mark the number of a windshield repair service in Hill City.  We will call and see if they offer a mobile service.  After all of that is taken care of, we will be ready to start having some fun adventures.  So stay tuned!


  1. Well you two look like your having a good time. Tell Ellie and Jim we said hi. We are back in Hickory Creek and will be till next Monday when we go to Explore USA to get some work done on the RV. Please Post so we can be a part of your adventure.

  2. A dirty motorhome, Mark must be beside himself. By the time I get this typed though he will have been out cleaning I am thinking for a couple of hours. Have a great time in the Black Hills, they are one of my favourite spots.