Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just Hanging Out

Well, after a big birthday outing, we decided to just hang our in the RV Park today. Jim and Ellie still had some motor home cleaning to finish, while Caden and I decided to sleep in this morning. Mark just sit out and enjoyed his coffee and his new chair.

Jim had also decided that today was the day that he was going to make Beer Can Chicken. So, we planned a late lunch. He was first in charge of

South Dakota 2009 001

getting the fire ready. While he was busy with that, Ellie was making sure the chicken was

South Dakota 2009 002

well seasoned and

South Dakota 2009 003

positioned upright on top of the beer can. She even put a potato in the top to keep in all the juices.

Once the fire was hot enough,

South Dakota 2009 005

Jim placed it in the middle of the grill, added

South Dakota 2009 006

the top and now all we had to do was wait for 1 hour and 40 minutes. So, while waiting, Jim would also grill the peaches and cream corn on the cob on the gas grill. Ellie made a pot of greens and Caden and I headed over to our motor home

South Dakota 2009 007

to put together an apple cobbler.

Once we got it in to cook, we then proceeded to

South Dakota 2009 008

clean up our mess.

It wouldn’t be long now until that crazy chicken would be

South Dakota 2009 010

ready to eat. It was more than yummy. In fact, we pretty much

South Dakota 2009 011

picked that chicken clean! It will be a repeat meal sometime.

Well, once we were finished with a delicious lunch we decided to

South Dakota 2009 012

head out and take a walk. Caden and I took some outgoing mail to the office, while Pop tried to go do some laundry, but all the washers were being used. We will try that later. Ms. Ellie took the fur kids out for a little walk. Caden had to also check out the horses. But, then we had to all head back to the motor homes as it looks as if

South Dakota 2009 013

we might get a few late afternoon thunderstorms. In fact, Mr. Jim just came and told Mark that there might be hail in the storms. So they are out putting in the awnings.

Glad we got that crazy chicken cooked!

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