Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yesterday and Today

Boy, no matter how hard I work at it, there always seems to be a zillion things left to do on the day before you travel, especially when you are leaving from your home base.  I think part  of mine was that I had several projects that got postponed until school was out and after my knee surgery that the days just rolled by a little too quickly.

So, needles to say…yesterday was busy.  It started out with a hair appointment, then the bank for fun money, a stop at Central Market to stock up on Mark’s favorite coffee beans, which by the way took part of HIS fun money.  Then a quick stop back by the house to drop off my purchases and pick up Mark to head off to the Half Price Book Store to drop off books to sell.  Which by the way by far paid for his coffee beans!  WOW, was I surprised.  While I was taking care of the books, he went next door to Target to get an air mattress which we will be needing later on in our trip when the grandkids join us in Yellowstone.  We finished at the same time and then we were off to Holiday Park, the COE campground at Lake Benbrook.  We had made  arrangementsSwimming 032 to meet up with Randy and Pam Warner.  We have been sharing blogs with them for a long time now and were excited to finally get to meet them.  We had the added treat of also getting to

Swimming 033meet their beautiful daughter Kelly.   She has just graduated from graduate school and will be staying in the Fort Worth area with Randy’s family while looking for a job.  Good luck Kelly.

It is just so amazing to me how many folks we have met along the road while enjoying this lifestyle.  But, what is more amazing is the fact that most of the ones we have met have become really close friends and ones we stay in touch with and hoping that we will be able to meet up with them again somewhere around the next bend in the road.

Randy and Pam…what a great visit we had…just too short.  I wish you both safe travels and by all means we are going to stay in touch.  Hope you guys might be able to work in Rockport in January.

After, our visit with Randy and Pam, we had our hugs and see you later’s, I dropped Mark off at home and went to check on my mom and visit with her and my nephew for a while.  My mom has the shingles and has had a pretty rough time the last couple of weeks.  I do think she is getting a little better.  I have never had shingles, but understand they are pretty painful and hard to get over them.  Get well, mom!  Remember all those old folks at church you have to keep under control.  And, yes, I will keep up the blog  so you will know where I am and what I am doing.

Okay, one more stop at Wal-Mart and I can call this a day.  Well, I didn’t get everything on the list, but that can wait until in the morning.  Once I was back at the motor home, I finished putting things away and getting ready for morning, which now brings us to today when the alarm woke me at 6 am.

Mark’s feet hid the floor in a dead run as today is travel day.  He had the coffee started, a shower,and was dressed and drinking coffee before I ever got my eyes opened.    However, I wasn’t too far behind him…just needed to let the hot water heat up again and then I was in and out of the shower, dressed and doing a little ironing by 8 am.

I just needed to go to Weight Watchers and by Kroger to pick up Ellie’s ice cream she requested while Mark was getting the last of the stuff done in preparation for travel.  Well, we were about ready to go when we had

Swimming 035 a new traveler show up!  Yes, our Caden is going with us on his first motor home trip.  He is going with us to Custer, SD.  He will be with us for 12 days.  Greg, Kate, and Zachary are flying up for the July 4th celebration at Mt. Rushmore and staying for a couple of days.  Caden will return to Texas with them.

So, we finally made it out of the driveway around 11:15 this morning, headed around Loop 820 to Highway 287 towards Childress.  Not far down the road it was time to think about

Swimming 036 lunch.  Caden thought it was fun to eat on the bus.  And, hotdogs always taste better on a picnic.  After lunch and stretching our legs for a little while it was back to the car seat for

Swimming 037   an afternoon nap while

Swimming 038 Pop cruises on down the road.

Our destination for today is Liberal, Kansas or maybe even Garden City.  We will keep you updated on our progress and be sure to stay tuned for the adventurers of Caden’s first trip.


  1. Hope you have a great trip! We have a daughter and family that lives just outside of Liberal, it's a small world. Tell Ellie & Jim Hi from us when you see them..Mac & Netters

  2. Good to see Mr Caden is going on his first RV trip with his GP's We know he will just love it. Enjoy and safe trravels

  3. Have a great trip. How fun to have Caden along for the ride!
    Be safe and keep up the blog.. We will be following you.

  4. Safe travels guys, see you soon.
    Mike & Janna

  5. We enjoyed your visit greatly! It was fun to finally meet up with you guys and say hi.

    Safe travels down the road. We'll pencil in Rockport and see how it goes for Jan.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

    Randy and Pam