Sunday, June 21, 2009

No Rest Here

I know today is Father’s Day….but no rest for the Father here.  I did allow him to sit out in his new lawn chair and drink coffee, but not for long.  The last projects to be finished was a closet and my craft room.  The closet was the easy part, the craft room was another story.  I have been cleaning, sorting, and throwing away in there for several months now.  But, today, I was determined to make big strides.  And, boy did I.  I had to get Mark to haul away trash and recycling twice.  Plus, he made a trip to the clothing  collection box after the closet clean out.  Tomorrow I will send him to the pawn shop and the Half Price Book Store.  With a little effort and a couple more storage boxes I will be finished for now.  What is left will wait until the fall, but at least for now Karen and Kenneth can continue with their remodeling projects.

Also tomorrow will be laundry day and making lists for last minute errands in preparation for leaving on Wednesday.

I hope all you dad’s out there had a more restful day than Mark. LOL


  1. What a slave driver! I'm sure Mark will get good use of his new chair soon. Enjoy your trip and keep us updated with your posting and photos. Also Happy Early 60th.

  2. Mark...Come see me and bring your new chair...I have a plan for lots of rest & Fun.....Jim

  3. We would love to see you before you leave on Wednesday. Give us a call or email if we can get together for a bit this afternoon or tomorrow sometime.

    (I must have lost your email but will look some more.)

    Randy and Pam