Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What A Nice Day

Today, we were all up early and ready for the day.  Caden and Pop were off to do their morning routine of

South Dakota 2009 003

taking the trash.  Caden thinks every time you put something in the trash you have to haul it off.  He is very good about doing his chores.

Once that was done, we finished with the cleaning and sorting out our plans for the day.

Jim, Ellie, and I decided we were going to go do a little shopping in Keystone, while Mark and Caden were staying behind to wait on the mobile repairman to come from Rapid City to repair the rock chips in the windshield that we got from the trip through Kansas or Nebraska, or Colorado, or wherever we were.

We got back to the RV Park mid afternoon and found Mark and Caden taking an afternoon nap.  Then later, Jim and Ellie came over and we decided we would go down to Pringle to have dinner and then we went out to Sylvan Lake for an early evening walk.

This is one of my favorite places in the area…

South Dakota 2009 005

This is a beautiful little lake with fishing, swimming, and camping.  There is also a walking trail around the lake and that is where we spent the evening.

South Dakota 2009 057

We started off down the trail and Caden

South Dakota 2009 017

wanted to do a little rock climbing.

Then we walked through South Dakota 2009 027

this tunnel.  On the other side we found

South Dakota 2009 032

this cool waterfall coming out of the rocks and

South Dakota 2009 033

and this forest to walk through.

South Dakota 2009 036

And, Poppa let Caden sit on this really high rock.

Soon it was time to head back around the lake before it got dark.  And on the way back, we saw

South Dakota 2009 059

this mommy duck taking her babies for a swim, and we saw

South Dakota 2009 078

this deer feeding right by the trail.  Caden

South Dakota 2009 079

really tried to call the deer to him, he just didn’t seem to want to come our way.

We left the deer to eat and headed on back to the lodge

South Dakota 2009 088

where we took a quick look through the gift shop and then Mark, Jim, and Caden decided it was time to find the Dairy Queen for a Blizzard.

What an enjoyable evening we had.  I will leave you with this last picture of our evening….

South Dakota 2009 063

Join us again tomorrow for another fun day in South Dakota.


  1. From the pictures I'm thinking Caden will remember this trip the rest of his life, I can almost here him calling the deer. Have a great time with him.

    Stay Safe

  2. What a cutie Caden is! It looks like he's having a good time!

  3. Great pictures.. What an adventure you are on.

  4. Now I think that you should have that last picture framed. You guys look like you are having such a wonderful time.

    Take Care and god bless
    Brenda Brown