Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Moving and Waiting

Today was moving day for everyone.  Jim and Ellie were packing up to leave for Idaho Falls about 95 miles from here, while we were packing up to move about 7 miles into West Yellowstone

Yellowstone 2009 137

to the Grizzly RV Park.  We got this nice

Yellowstone 2009 135

corner site.  Now, we are waiting for Scott and Jennifer to join us for the rest of the week.…however,

back in Fort Worth they have been waiting all day at DFW to catch a plane.  Remember that stand-by flying we do…well today was one of the days you learn to be really patient.  They started out early this morning trying to catch a flight to Salt Lake.  After a couple of Salt Lake attempts, they tried Denver and Jackson, but to no avail.  They finally got on a plane late this afternoon to Denver where they will catch a connecting flight to Salt Lake to arrive late tonight.  They will be staying there and driving here to West Yellowstone in the morning.  We are looking forward to spending the next few days with them.  Andrew and Lauren are looking forward to showing them through the park.

When it was apparent that Scott and Jennifer were not going to be able to join us today, we grabbed a bite of lunch and decided that we would take a trip to Mesa Falls.  The falls are about 50 miles from here across the Idaho state line.   It was a nice drive through the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway, just out of Ashton, Idaho.  From Ashton, you travel along the Warm River toward the main attraction, which is the Upper and Lower Falls.  At 114 and 65 feet respectively, the falls are equally spectacular.  The

Yellowstone 2009 051

Upper Falls can be viewed from just a few feet away, while the

Yellowstone 2009 107

Lower Falls view is about a quarter mile away.

The Upper Falls is also the location of the historic

Yellowstone 2009 038

Big Falls Inn, which was build around 1915 by the Snake River Electric Light and Power Company.  It may have originally been constructed as a combination office and residence for workers.  It eventually evolved into a well-known way-station on the Yellowstone highway.  With it’s spectacular setting, the Inn also became a popular spot for dances and social gatherings for the local ranchers, farmers, sportsmen, and tourists.  In 1936, the Montana Power Company took it over as a company resort, then in 1986 the Forest Service took it over from the power company in a land exchange.  Today, it is a gift shop and small museum.

We also enjoyed the beautiful  Yellowstone 2009 075

 Yellowstone 2009 054

flowers that were blooming all along the walking path.

And, I still can’t get use to seeing

Yellowstone 2009 118

this sign everywhere we go!   Believe me, I will not confront any bears.

The kids are still enjoying the trip and have become quite good

Yellowstone 2009 086

with their picture taking.

As we drove back towards Ashton, we were able to get this late afternoon shot of

Yellowstone 2009 129

The Grand Tetons.

  We made it back to town and decided we would have pizza for dinner at Gusher’s.  We chose Taco Pizza and salad…it was yummy.  We are now just waiting to go to the IMAX to see the story of Yellowstone.  So, I guess I had better go for now…take care and see you tomorrow for another adventure.


  1. Oh believe me I know all about that standby waiting.. We went thru that last week.. The summer is a tough time for flying.
    Your trip continues to be very enjoyable. How lucky you and the kids are to experience this together.

  2. Thr Imax is great but we really enjoyed the movie on the wolves that were introduced into Yellowstone, shown at the bear and wolf attaction there. Nothing like the Imax, they just use a wall, but a great story.

  3. We are so glad you guys are having such a good time. Hope the rest of the family makes it in today--isn't that RV park nice?? We are still planning to hopefully meet up with you guys in Glacier and let you meet the new little holy terror--Emmi. Mike & Janna