Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Traveling West

Today we were up early and ready to start a new adventure. However, we couldn’t leave until we had our hugs from Geri and Larry. Thanks guys for a great time and for providing a nice park. Okay, time to roll. For today’s journey to Devils Tower, Wyoming,

Wyoming 2009 028

Jim was the designated leader. We took the more scenic drive and these were

2009-07-08 Wyoming 2009

the signs we had to follow. But, what a pretty drive it was. For a little over 100 miles we saw

Wyoming 2009 032

fences that were build to hold back snow drifts from getting on the roadways, and

Wyoming 2009 033

old barns, and

Wyoming 2009 035

farms that were all along the foothills. Then is wasn’t long until we got our first glimpse of

Wyoming 2009 061

Devils Tower. This beautiful rock formation rises up 867 feet against the sky and is 1,267 feet above the river. It was named the first national monument by President Theodore Roosevelt in the 1906. The park is open year round and offers camping, hiking, and climbing.

We continued on to the

Wyoming 2009 084

KOA where we were quickly registered and settled in

Wyoming 2009 086

to our sites. We had a great view of

Wyoming 2009 089

Devils Tower right out of our living room window.

With a combined effort, we put together a lunch of grilled trout, rice with broccoli, fresh veggies with dip, and watermelon. After lunch, we piled in Jim and Ellie’s car and headed up the road to the monument park where we planned to hike the 1.3 mile loop around the base of the tower.

This is the look

Wyoming 2009 090

from the visitor’s center. As we headed up the trial, one of the first signs we saw read

Wyoming 2009 140

This area around the tower is a very prayerful and sacred place to the Indians. And, all through the park we saw the

Wyoming 2009 136

Wyoming 2009 138

prayer cloths hanging in the trees.

As we walked around the trail we also saw

Wyoming 2009 104

were the porcupines rub the bark off of the trees trying to get to the sweet layer underneath. And, then we saw

Wyoming 2009 105

pretty flowering plants. And, at one spot on the trail, you could see far below the

Wyoming 2009 115

Belle Fourche River which carved most of the landscape that exposed Devils Tower. In the 1700’s French fur trappers named it the pretty fork river.

As we circled the tower, each side

Wyoming 2009 106

Wyoming 2009 109

Wyoming 2009 125

had a different look. And, if you looked

Wyoming 2009 107

really close and really high, you could see all these people climbing the rocks. Crazy!

As we made our way on around the trail, we finally came to the

Wyoming 2009 129

where Mark and Jim

Wyoming 2009 131

took a short rest. Come on guys we still have another half to go and

Wyoming 2009 145

these clouds don’t look real promising. Thank goodness the wind blew them right on over and we stayed dry.

We finished the hike with no problem and even took a short rest once we got back to the visitor center. Then as we were leaving the park, we stopped by to see

Wyoming 2009 151

the Black-tailed prairie dogs that live in their own little town near the monument entrance. There were hundreds of them popping up everywhere. They were really cute, but the sign warns….don’t feed or approach the prairie dogs, they can bite!

Once we were out of the park, we made a stop

Wyoming 2009 155

at the trading post where Mark and Jim treated themselves to ice cream while Ellie and I looked at all the t-shirts and trinkets. Then it was on to the RV Park which was just across the street.

We looked through the KOA’s general store and then settled in back a the motor homes. We sat outside for awhile just relaxing and discussing the travel plan for tomorrow.

What a fun day this has been and I am so glad we took the time to stop here even just for the day. So, for now, I will say

Wyoming 2009 156

“see ya” tomorrow from Hardin, Montana where we are going to visit Little Big Horn Battleground!


  1. Good to see you back on the road. That pretty flower of yours looks an awful lot like a thiste to me! We spray for those up Enjoy the Little Big Horn.

  2. Hope you have a good careful and keep an eye out for the indians in the area....

  3. Thanks for sharing the trip with us...the Black Hills is one of our favorite areas. Caden looks like a sweetie too! Enjoy your travels!