Thursday, July 2, 2009

Coming or Going

Today Ellie and I went into Rapid City. We had a long list of things to do. First, we attended our Weight Watchers meeting to officially weigh in for July. It may be almost August before we find a meeting close enough to attend. So, we will have to host our own unofficial meeting between now and then, but at least we are legal for July.

After our meeting, we found a Wendy's and had lunch, so we would have the strength to make it through the Wal Mart store with no temptations. Little did I know, that I needed to have the strength to just push the cart. You know the cart I am talking about....the one that goes every direction except the way you are pushing it. Plus, it was so loaded down with cold drinks and water that I could barely push it anyway. And, then who in their right mind would go to the only Wal Mart store in a 100 mile radius on the day before a holiday weekend? Well, one has to do what one has to do! And, if Wal Mart wasn't enough, we headed off to Sam's after that. However, that was no problem...everyone was still at Wal Mart.

Now, while Ellie and I were having all this fun....we had left Jim, Mark, and Caden back in Custer at the motor homes. Jim made a new batch of salsa, Mark repaired a small hole in the slide out awning and Caden kept the adults in line.

Since it is an hour's drive to Rapid City, it was late afternoon before we returned to Custer. We had phoned ahead to Jim and Mark with dinner instructions so we had a plan when we returned to the park. While Ellie and I dealt with the groceries, the guys grilled the turkey mignon's. While we were having dinner, the rain set in and it is still raining and sounds like it is here for the rest of the night.

Greg, Kate, and Zachary will be joining us tomorrow. They were suppose to fly into Denver today and drive part way tonight and then the rest of the way tomorrow. However, as it is when you work for the airlines and fly non-rev, you sometimes have to take what you get, especially when you try to fly on a holiday weekend. So, long story short, they couldn't get a flight from Dallas to Denver, so they caught the only flight this direction. It took them to Omaha, Nebraska. They landed around 8 pm and rented a car. From there they will drive to Mitchell, SD and spend the night and drive here tomorrow. We all have reservations for the fireworks show tomorrow night at Mount Rushmore. On Saturday we will do a pot luck dinner here at the RV Park and watch the fireworks in downtown Custer. Have a safe drive...we are looking forward to spending the weekend with you guys.

Sorry, there are no pictures today...but I know I will have plenty to share over the next few days. Hope you are all planning a good July 4 weekend.


  1. Mark, Dortha & Cadden:
    What a beautiful grandchild you guys have. Looking forward to your visit next week. Have a wonderful July 4 holiday weekend with your family. (there is a WW meeting in Big Timber while you are here.)

  2. Looking forward to fireworks pictures at Mt Rushmore. Sounds like a fun weekend with friends and family.

    Randy and Pam