Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Stop In Hardin, Montana

Today was another travel day on our way West.  We were up very early this morning and ready to pull out of the RV Park a little after 7:30 am.  And, again today

Little Big Horn 2009 050

Jim was the leader.  We made our way out of Devils Tower via Hwy 14 to I-90 West with our destination today being Hardin, Montana.

Today, we saw

Little Big Horn 2009 053

this beautiful old farm house with this really red barn.

Then we saw signs everywhere for

Little Big Horn 2009 066Little Big Horn 2009 056 

directions to Yellowstone.  We will be there on July 14, but Mark is so anxious to get there, that we were afraid he was going to take one of the many turns we saw.  This is somewhere he has never been and always wanted to go. LOL  Soon, Mark, we will be there!


Little Big Horn 2009 075 

we saw snow on the peaks of the Big Horn Mountains.  WOW

And like any good road trip, you always have to be prepared for

Little Big Horn 2009 091

the road construction.  At one time we had to drive

Little Big Horn 2009 092 

on the shoulder because both lanes were blocked.  However, we made it though with no delay or problems.  Then it wasn’t long until we crossed

Little Big Horn 2009 086

yet one more state line.  Now, all we need is to find our

Little Big Horn 2009 100

exit to the RV Park located in

Little Big Horn 2009 103

Hardin, Montana.  We located the park without problem and

Little Big Horn 2009 106

settled in quickly.  We were all hungry and wanted to get on with our afternoon.  So we took Jim and Ellie’s car and found the Subway.  After lunch, we made our way back on I-90 East to The Little Big Horn Battlegrounds for an afternoon tour of where Custer’s Last Stand took place.

It is also a

Little Big Horn 2009 111

national cemetery.  In fact, only the two highest ranking officers from the Battle of the Little Big Horn are buried there.  The rest are from WWI and II, Korea, Vietnam, etc.

Soon, it was time to

Little Big Horn 2009 112

board our bus.  However, this bus was full and we had to wait on another one, but soon we were on our way.

Little Big Horn 2009 115

through the battlegrounds.  We saw where

Little Big Horn 2009 150

22o bodies were buried on top of Last Stand Hill.

We saw a marker where

Little Big Horn 2009 152

Custer’s body was found and actually buried, but two days later his body was removed from this site and shipped to West Point where he was buried.

In fact, all of the markers seen throughout the park

Little Big Horn 2009 161

Little Big Horn 2009 160

are only markers to indicate were the soldiers were found.  There is none actually buried in the battlefield.

This is the

Little Big Horn 2009 134

Little Big Horn River and the site where the Indians were camped before the battle.

This was a great tour tour and brings all that history you know about to life.

After our tour we made a stop at the

Little Big Horn 2009 162

Trading Post across the street from the battle grounds.  Of course, we had to do a little looking around at all the T-Shirts and trinkets.  They also had a small cafe where they were making Indian Fry Bread.  It smelled so good.  But….we resisted.

Outside the trading post they had a RV

Little Big Horn 2009 169 

that was used by the folks that helped settle this part of our great country.

It was then time for us to come back to the RV park and enjoy the rest of the evening under this

Little Big Horn 2009 167

Big Montana Sky.  Tomorrow is yet another travel day.  We will be going to Big Timber where we will be staying for the next several days.  We are looking forward to a little slower schedule and also getting to visit with Mike and Janna of

So, goodnight and see you tomorrow from Big Timber with a new adventure.

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