Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yellowstone…Day 2

Day 2 took us around the south loop. We started at the Lower Geyser Basin and the Fountain Paint Pots. I remember these from when I was here as a little girl. I am not sure these are the same ones, but they smelled the same.

However, even though they smell they are

Yellowstone 2009 006

beautiful. From the Lower Basin we traveled on to the

Yellowstone 2009 042

Here we saw some really pretty geysers. The geysers here flow

Yellowstone 2009 045

into the Firehole River. We walked

Yellowstone 2009 041

across the river on this bridge and then followed a board walk all around the geysers. These were a lot

Yellowstone 2009 058

larger than the ones in the Lower Basin. They also had more

Yellowstone 2009 073

color to them. They are really pretty to look at.

From the Midway Basin, we traveled on to the Upper Geyser Basin and of course that is the home of

Old Faithful.

We reached the Old Faithful park and decided that we would have lunch first. Today, we packed a

Yellowstone 2009 086

picnic lunch. How much fun. We were reminded to be careful of bears. Posted on the tables

Yellowstone 2009 085

was this message. And, in all of the parks the garbage cans are

Yellowstone 2009 249

bear proof. When lunch was over and we were sure we had not left anything behind for the bears, we are ready for Old Faithful. By the time we parked, we found out that we had just missed it. So, while we waited for the next eruption time, we visited

Yellowstone 2009 091

none other than the local gift store. I also had time to look around the area. I saw where they are building

Yellowstone 2009 097

a new visitor center. And, this is the

Yellowstone 2009 090

Yellowstone Lodge. And they also have their own

Yellowstone 2009 092

gas station and convenience store. Well, it should be about time for the next eruption.

We gathered at the site with

Yellowstone 2009 115

everyone else and waited. We knew it was almost time when the

Yellowstone 2009 100

first bit of steam begin to roll, and then there were

Yellowstone 2009 101

several small spits and spurts. Then more steam and more spurts until

Yellowstone 2009 127

we finally saw what we came for. It was an awesome sight on a beautiful day. By the way in case you didn’t know it. Old Faithful erupts every 40 to 126 minutes. It is the world’s best known geyser.

Well, we must move on and we have only made it about 30 miles through the south loop. The next stop would be a quick picture stop at the

Yellowstone 2009 164

which is at the top of Craig Pass. You will actually cross it twice at this spot. Once as you start up the pass and once when you come down the pass.

Now, we are on around the loop and heading to Yellowstone Lake and how

Yellowstone 2009 169

beautiful it is. Soon we found ourselves at another spot I remembered and that is the

Yellowstone 2009 194

Fishing Bridge. This is were Yellowstone Lake and the Yellowstone River come together. When I was here as a little girl, people were lined up on both side of the bridge fishing. But, as you can tell, there is no more fishing allowed from the bridge.

Yellowstone 2009 188

Mark and Jim are getting all the details from one of the park rangers. We just enjoyed hanging out here for awhile. We watched the

Yellowstone 2009 181

White Pelicans. And, I saw a

Yellowstone 2009 199

duck just swimming around. As we were leaving I got to take this

Yellowstone 2009 208

beautiful reflection picture.

From the Fishing Bridge we headed to The Upper and Lower Falls. This is something else I remembered…and it is still a sight to see.

The Upper Falls

Yellowstone 2009 239

are beautiful, but the Lower Falls

Yellowstone 2009 282

are breath taking as they dump millions of gallons of water down far below into the

Yellowstone 2009 269

the gorge below. This is known as the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

It was quite a walk down to see the Lower Falls, but worth every step of the way. I can hardly wait for the kids to get here so we can take them to see this beautiful sight.

Well, it is getting late afternoon by now and we decide to head back to West Yellowstone and get something to eat. However, it was still several miles back and we still had plenty of time to see

Yellowstone 2009 293


Yellowstone 2009 224

beaver, and

Yellowstone 2009 218


Again, another great day in Yellowstone. See you tomorrow for another great adventure.


  1. What a wonderful couple days so far. Our friends have worked in that park for 14 years. If you see the tour bus hollar at the driver if his name is George. He drives the huge big bus. Have fun!

  2. Wow! I can't WAIT until we do this in a couple of years. So much to see and for a scenery junkie like me, it's like nirvana! :) Glad you're having a great time. Hugs to all.

  3. If you go to
    and click on Montana Web Cams you can see several of the places you will be visiting. Go down to Live Streaming Old Faithful and then click on Old Faithful live, you can see it. When we travel we try to find these live web cams and call the kids and grandkids so they can see us. Plus if you get a chance need to go to Cooke City, MT on Beartooth Pass out of the NE road of Yellowstone Park. Very small western town. There is a saloon with great Buffalo burgers. There are a couple of web cams there. Enjoy your travels.