Saturday, July 11, 2009

Big Timber, Montana

Yesterday, we left Hardin…our destination, Big Timber. Wow…Montana is beautiful. As we drove towards Billings we saw

Montana 2009 009

A crop duster,

Montana 2009 013

long hills,

Montana 2009 027

and old barns. Then came the

Montana 2009 014

sign to let us know that Billings was just up the road. There we would stop

Montana 2009 015

to get fuel.

From Billings we were about 75 miles away from Big Timber. As we traveled on towards our destination, we saw

Montana 2009 017

more snow capped mountains andMontana 2009 021

the Yellowstone River. Then before I knew it we were only,

Montana 2009 042

one mile from our turn off. Now, we just need to find

Montana 2009 043

the campground. The directions in the Trailer Life book said Do Not use the GPS to find the park. Thank goodness Janna had forwarded us the correct directions for getting to the park.

Montana 2009 048

We had to first go through this lovely residential street before we headed out of town and finally found

Montana 2009 050

the entrance to the park. We weren’t the only ones

Montana 2009 052

headed to the park. In fact, there were suppose to be 30 rigs coming in today. Most of them were gathering for a square dance rally. This might be interesting.

Montana 2009 057

We were checked in and parked with out any problem. Then as usual, Mark

Montana 2009 062

had to get both the car and the motor home cleaned and shinning.

While he was doing his cleaning, I went out for a walk around the campground…this is the picture

Montana 2009 058

from our front window. There are a couple of these fishing ponds in the park. You can fish for free here in the park, but if you catch any trout, you pay 50 cents per inch. They said most of the fish were about 19-20 inches long. You can do the math. So, I am not sure there will be fishing done here.

There is the

Montana 2009 065

office and general store. And just at the back of the park is the

Montana 2009 069

Boulder River. It is flowing pretty fast.

This afternoon, we drove to see what

Montana 2009 094

the town of Big Timber had to offer…not much.

So, we headed out to Mike and Janna’s where we had been invited for dinner. We drove out the highway about 19 miles as Janna instructed. Then she said to turn on this gravel road….we did, and then she said we would come to two gates…we did. We took the second one as instructed…from there she said follow

Montana 2009 197

the road to the end. We did… and when we reached the end, we found

Montana 2009 159

Janna and Mike’s home. Janna was waiting on us, while Mike was out cutting hay. We all piled in their truck and Janna took us for a tour of the area. We ended up at

Montana 2009 108

the Natural Bridge Falls. We took

Montana 2009 134

a hike down to the

Montana 2009 155

the bridge and then on around to get a better look

Montana 2009 149

at where the water comes out of the rocks. We made it to the

Montana 2009 153

end of the trail and could look back and see the bridge where we first crossed. Now, all we had to do was get back to that bridge so we could head back to the house.

Now, back at Janna and Mike’s,

Montana 2009 167

They have their own little bridge that overlooks a little stream. We enjoyed sitting out on the porch and enjoyed the

Montana 2009 178

little humming birds. At one time there were five or six at a time trying to get to the feeders.

After, drinks, crackers, and cheese, we made our way

Montana 2009 190

into Janna’s kitchen where she had prepared a dinner of pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes and veggies, a green salad, and a special dessert for Mark and Jim…homemade strawberry ice cream. Dinner was great, the fellowship was great…what a nice evening.

Before it got dark, we decided to head back to the RV Park as Janna had warned us of about all the deer that would be out…we did see several, but this one

Montana 2009 205

would be the cutest.

We made it back to the park without any problems. I hope you all have a good weekend.

We are going to the Farmer’s Market today…the wifi signal isn’t great here…so if I don’t post, I will catch up when I can.

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  1. Great pictures! Looks like you are having fun!

    I wish I had a couple more gallons of The Solution. I was cleaning the Roadrunner and had a number of people comment on it. One guy would have bought it on the spot.

    One more week in Pontiac IL, then on to Port Huron MI to see Kelly's brother.

    Keep in touch.
    Randy and Pam