Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Fun Continues in Big Timber

Yesterday, Mike and Janna came to the RV Park and we all headed to downtown Big Timber. Our first stop was atMontana 2009 016There were a few good things there. We all bought a loaf of homemade Whole Grain Bread, and Jim and Mark bought

Montana 2009 002 some brats from a friend of Mike and Janna’s who owns a local meat market. We saw a vendor withMontana 2009 003

some pretty plants, but, for the most part, we justMontana 2009 001

looked around and met several of friends of Mike and Janna’s. Jim was looking for peppers so he could make jelly, but there were none at the market.

We made our way over to the next block, and while the guys all went to the

Montana 2009 006

ACE Hardware for Jim to buy a hatchet for chopping wood, Ellie, Janna, and I made our way across the street

Montana 2009 005

to the fabric store where Janna gets some of her quilting supplies.

We then made our way down the street to several other cute stores. We shopped in a cute store called

Montana 2009 008

Ellie and I found several things that we couldn’t live without. They had a really cute sweat shirt that said Crazy Woman on it….but I didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about me. LOL

The guys waited outside for us. We then went to a little shop that Janna started and then sold several years ago.

Montana 2009 010

This little store had a lot of really cute stuff. Ellie came out with some new socks.

All up and down the streets we saw lots of

Montana 2009 007

pretty flowers.

Jim is still looking for peppers, so we decided to drive over to

Montana 2009 023

Livingston to the Albertson’s Grocery Store. But, first, we needed to have lunch and Mike and Janna suggested

Montana 2009 024

this nice restaurant. It was great! After lunch, we also needed to make a stop at Radio Shack so Mark and I could see if they had an antenna to boost both our air card and cell phones. But, no luck for us, so we will be calling the 3G store on Monday to get one shipped to us while we are in Yellowstone for the next few weeks. So, I guess it is on to the store where Jim finally found his peppers. We also stocked up on several other items we needed. Then it was back to Big Timber.

We just spent the rest of the day at the RV park.

This morning, we were all up early. Mark and Jim went into town to find the

Montana 2009 020

They offered to get the laundry done, while Ellie and I left by 7:30 this to meet Janna for a hike in the mountains.

We left her house and drove a pretty far distance down her road to the trail head. We parked the car, gathered our Garmin's, backpacks, and cameras and headed up the trail.

Montana 2009 027

Before we got far, we decided we better use the bug spray. Now, we are ready.

Montana 2009 028

And, Janna assures us that this is an easy hike!

We walk and walk and walk and then we came to

Montana 2009 030

this gate. Janna said it was too hard to open and close and so we

Montana 2009 031

just crawled under! Then there was more walking and then

Montana 2009 033

we had to walk across this little stream with slippery rocks. How much fun we were having. We continued own with our walk, some uphill, some downhill, but

Montana 2009 034

Montana 2009 040

all beautiful. And when you looked in front of you, you saw

Montana 2009 075

mountains….and when you looked behind you, you

Montana 2009 082


We continued on our walk and saw more

Montana 2009 084

beautiful and unusual flowers. And then, we finally reached

Montana 2009 067

this pretty little water fall and

Montana 2009 061

stream. It was too deep for us to cross so this would be our turn around spot. While we were here just enjoying the beauty of the mountains and listening to the running water we had a snack and rested for a little while before starting our walk back down the mountain.

Okay girls, time to go. On our way back down the mountain, Janna pointed out several things of interest to Ellie and I. She showed us

Montana 2009 098

how the trail is marked using these notches in the trees. She showed us

Montana 2009 096

Elk poop…and let us know we were not alone in the mountains. We continued on down the mountain enjoying more

Montana 2009 044

beautiful flowers and laughing and talking, when I look across the field and see a bear cub run right across the trial down in front of us. All I could do was turn and around and say “bear”. Ellie and Janna were following on the narrow trail and did not see the little fellow. Janna wanted to know how big he was and I said, “oh, he was just little”….Janna said well then his mommy has to be here somewhere. So, now Janna is the leader….with

Montana 2009 095 gun in hand we continued down the trail! She told us you just be sure to watch behind us! Well, we never saw the little guy again. Janna told us that black bear or more scared of us, but Ellie and I kept a watch behind us anyway.

We finally made it back down the mountain to where we left the

Montana 2009 099

car. My Garmin indicated that we had walked a little over 3.5 miles. What fun we had and what a beautiful walk it was! Thanks Janna for sharing

Montana 2009 103

your mountains with us!

This evening we were back here at the RV Park when an afternoon thunderstorm blew in. The winds got up and all of a sudden we looked up and

Montana 2009 131

this tree had blown down. It was right across from where we are parked. As soon as the rain stopped, the campground folks

Montana 2009 132

were right on the clean up! Thank goodness no one or nothing was hurt by that big tree. The rain is back for a little while, but no more wind and we have all settled in for the evening.

What a great day this has been. But, before I go Poppa and I want to wish

A Day At The Park 158

Kourtney a Happy 2nd Birthday. We love you!


  1. Hi there guys! Even though we are not there we feel like we are through following your journal and photos. Keep them coming.

  2. Lovin' your blog these days!! Can't believe you didn't get a photo of the bear. Sounds like you're having fun only 525 miles from me!! I know I know - youre going to take the roundabout way to get here. I will be waiting!!
    Jenny J.

    PS At least now Speedy will know what elk poop looks like when he sees it!!