Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Waiting Is Over

After a long day yesterday, Scott and Jennifer finally arrived here early afternoon.  Lauren and Andrew were really excited to see them.  I don’t think Lauren and Jennifer have quit talking yet.

They are only going to be here for 3 days so we don’t have any time to waste.  The kids gave them time to catch their breath, stretch a little, and sign in the the hotel before we threw them in the car and headed out for the north loop of the park.

We made it past the eagle and through the construction, before Lauren wanted to stop and show them

Yellowstone 2009 001

Beryl Springs.  It wasn’t too stinky this afternoon.

Then as we started down the road, we didn’t go too far before the traffic backed up more than I have seen the whole trip…couldn’t be anything

Yellowstone 2009 004

but a grizzly bear…


Yellowstone 2009 006

wanted to get a better look.

We traveled on around to Mammoth Springs where we took a quick tour through the gift shop and grabbed a snack and something to drink.

We drove on around and up and over Mount Washburn and Dunraven Pass.  It wasn’t long that until we saw

Yellowstone 2009 014

the mountains standing really tall against the sky with the beautiful rolling valley below.  And in that valley, we

Yellowstone 2009 035

found this big guy having a little snack.  We waited for him to

Yellowstone 2009 045

look our way so we could get a better picture.  WOW!

We were well pleased with our finds today.  Jennifer also got to see a buffalo and on the way out of the park

Yellowstone 2009 050

the baby eagle was perched on the side of it’s nest as if to bid everyone a good evening as we passed by.

We had dinner at a Mexican food restaurant in town and then Lauren wanted to show Jennifer where we found a recent geocache.  She was excited that the travel bug we placed in it was gone and had been replaced with another one.

We returned to the motor home to make tomorrows plan.  We are making a trip over to Jackson Hole, WY for a day of fun activity and shopping.  This will be a new experience for us all.  See you tomorrow from Jackson Hole.


  1. You'll LOVE Jackson Hole! Take in some of their special foods. What a great place!

  2. I guess you know the park good by now...HE HE. I will have to set down with you and get a list of what to see before we go.

  3. Jackson Hole very nice. How great to share this again with you and yours

    Take good care Brenda